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Facebook updates its Open Graph platform to allow users to see their friends activities on a ticker (including social game updates). Will this modification create another uproar regarding unwanted “friend-spam”?  Or has Facebook management struck the perfect balance of virality between genuine user interest and social gaming activity by friends?

Gamasutra Thanks to Facebook’s new Open Graph, users will be able to see the new “Ticker,” which Zuckerberg described as a “lightweight stream of everything that’s going on around you.” That stream includes friends’ social gaming activities.

Inside Social Games An interesting feature of the games activity surfaced in the live ticker is that the games stories appear to be for specific in-game actions. This is possible, Zuckerberg says, because every piece of content in Open Graph has a picture associated with it.

develop The ticker will display movies, music, games and applications that a user’s friends are currently using. It means that game updates will return to the front page and, the theory goes, bring back the viral success of early Facebook games without interrupting the main user feed.

A decent (sometimes annoying) overview of the new changes to Facebook including the new “ticker”.


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Marvelous Team Up: Zynga meets AT&T

Zynga, the social gaming collossus that’s on the verge of an IPO announces a blockbuster mobile gaming partnership with AT&T to bring various Zynga properties (including Zynga Poker) to a massive mobile audience. Articles and analysis from:

The Wall Street Journal ” Under the deal, popular Zynga games like Words with Friends–a Scrabble-inspired vocabulary game–and Zynga Poker would be featured for download on AT&T’s niche of the Android Market for applications later this year. The agreement would also provide for customized content for online and mobile social games for AT&T customers. “

VentureBeat ” Zynga’s latest social game, Empires and Allies, is another hit for the company. It attracted more players than Farmville, its first breakout hit, in just 25 days. Empires and Allies is gaining new users at a rate of a million a day and 8 million a week, according to AppData. “

Video by FinancialNewsOnline

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Is FunChat the future of Mobile Social Gaming?

TechCrunch reports that mobile application FunChat “combines text, chat, pranks, virtual goods and social gaming all in one free app”.

With the limited screen space and the simplicity of chat, will games like FunChat get more engagement than traditional social games such as CityVille that are modified for mobile? From the article”

” The key here is that these game rooms are also part chat rooms, so users can boast about their in-game accomplishments, heckle opposing players, challenge their friends to gaming duels, or shower them with praise for shooting a whole raft of ducks — all in realtime. “

Additional analysis from SYS-CON Media  ” According to a recent CTIA study, mobile consumers in North America send over 187 billion text messages per month, and media firm ScreenDigest estimates consumers will spend a staggering $7.8 billion on mobile games by 2014. FunChat is the first mobile app to simultaneously address these two huge markets by combining chatting and texting with social gaming and gameplay mechanics. “

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CrowdStar secures $23 Million

Social games developer CrowdStar, the creator of “It Girl” has raised $23 Million from Intel, Time Warner and other sources. Proceeds will be used to beef up their army of developers and expand into mobile. Articles and analysis from:

PaidContent.org  ” The Burlingame, CA-based company is taking funding a year after acquisition talks with Microsoft broke down. CrowdStar, a YouWeb incubation, was founded in 2008 and has never before taken in institutional dollars. “

PocketGamer.biz  ” As well as expanding its Facebook business, Crowdstar is looking to expand globally – China is a major goal – and tackle mobile. To-date, it’s only released one app, a Facebook-enabled companion to It Girl on iOS. “

The Washington Post (TechCrunch) ” Time Warner’s unique IP franchises and extensive media resources coupled with a social games leader like CrowdStar has the potential to truly impact the way consumers engage in social gaming. “

Video – It Girl from CrowedStar

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Making a “Beeline” to Asia

Game developer Capcom creates a subsidiary called Beeline Interactive that will be focused on expanding into the asian gaming market. Articles and analysis from:

Asahi.com  ” The content and target markets of these overseas social games, distributed mainly by subsidiaries in Europe and North America, are very different from Capcom’s conventional video game operations. As a result, the overseas social game business must be differentiated from the Capcom brand. Therefore, Capcom decided to create a second brand called “Beeline” for the development and distribution of social games on smartphones. “

Siliconera  ” Named Beeline Interactive Japan Co., Ltd., the new subsidiary will be responsible for development and distribution of Capcom’s social games for regular and smart phones in Japan and other Asian territories. “

Video: Marvel vs Capcom Games

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A Pawn in the Game

The History Channel rolls out “Pawn Stars” themed social game on Facebook. Articles and analysis from:

Gadget and Technology News ” The Pawn Stars Facebook game embodies the spirit of the show, which airs new episodes on HISTORY on Mondays at 10pm ET, by giving players control of their own pawn shop. Starting from the ground up, players are tasked with acquiring inventory for their store. “

Benzinga ” This is AETN’s first Facebook game using Facebook Credits for microtransactions. Players can spend credits on numerous features including instant sell, expert advice and store upgrades. The game was developed by Gamenauts, with live operations and ongoing game design by Antmesh. “

Video – Behind the Scenes of “Pawn Stars”

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3D Social Games

November Software is a new social and mobile gaming company formed by former employees of EA and LucasArts. Their goal is to bring streaming 3D to the social and mobile gaming experience. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” The four studio founders previously worked on art and technology for big-budget titles including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 and2, and now hope to bring elements from major console titles into the social and mobile space. “


Beta access available for inemeri here

Video – inemeri: A Familiar World

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