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GEEK OUT! Social Games Business Intelligence Panel Parts 5 & 6

An insightful series of videos have recently been uploaded to YouTube from VerticaHP (Hewlett Packard) from a Social Gaming panel this past April in San Francisco.  The videos showcase a blockbuster panel of top social gaming company’s business intelligence gurus. Each discuss their various tools that they utilize to manage the massive amounts of data in real-time.  Note: Vertica was acquired by HP in February of 2011.

Video – Mobile social gaming including a question from Tapulous staff member

Video – Custom reporting and charting, data analysis cubes and more!

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GEEK OUT! Social Game Business Intelligence Panel Parts 1&2

An insightful series of videos have recently been uploaded to YouTube from VerticaHP (Hewlett Packard) from a Social Gaming panel this past April in San Francisco.  The videos showcase a blockbuster panel of top social gaming company’s business intelligence gurus. Each discuss their various tools that they utilize to manage the massive amounts of data in real-time.  Note: Vertica was acquired by HP in February of 2011.

Video – Panelist introductions and discussions on platforms and tools.

Video – Q&A with the audience (annoying Q&A guy) and analytics discussions

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Social Games: The Next Generation

Several different articles have recently been posted about where social gaming is going in the future. Deeper player engagement via the blurring of reality and the virtual world seems to be a recurring theme as does the idea that social games will become even more…social. Mobile social gaming is also an unstoppable juggernaut of a trend.

Gamezebo has an interesting post from Julie Shumaker, SVP/GM of Media at RockYou

” Technology will allow the games to be integrated with real-life experiences and augmented reality will make games more social as gameplay is woven into everyday life. The real world becomes the game as much as the game influences the real world, as brands offer more valuable experience to users and become more seamlessly woven into the fabric of the games and users’ reality. “

Also, read Julie Shumaker discussion on social games becoming more social at the recent Marketing Intelligence 6 Conference here

Gamasutra has a very good piece written by veteran game designer Greg Costikyan regarding ways to make social games a more socially rewarding experience for players.

” The peculiarity of this is that social networks are actually far better suited than most online environments to fostering social gameplay. Messaging and chat are built into the system, and need not be separately implemented by developers; but more importantly, the social graph allows players to interact with people who are their actual friends. “

Gamezebo provides another interesting article by Mike Sego, CEO  of Gaia Online. Mike discusses how developers are beginning to fill in the “missing genres”.

” The value proposition of being able to instantly play your favorite games, with your friends, through a service you’re already using every day, all for free — that’s compelling to any audience, especially those who love playing games. This leaves us with an enormous population of gamers who currently don’t play games on Facebook but will once a wider variety of games and genres become available. “

GoMoNews discusses the growing importance of mobile social gaming within the context of the recent OpenFeint acquisition.

” By centralizing the development of your game, it allows you to ensure that the game experience is completely identical across all platforms, and that every single update is rolled out to every platform at the same time. It makes all of these processes easier and faster. “

CNET has an article discussing Deni Dyack’s perspective that social games will “crash and burn”.

Original article on Industry Gamers here

” We asked Dyack if the rise of social and the migration of traditional talent to the social space is a detriment to the traditional games market. He answered, “It is damaging traditional gaming for sure but… how it’s going to work out is anyone’s guess. The trend that I see is it’s probably going to be one of the biggest bubbles and explosions that our industry’s seen in a long time and I think when it crashes it’s going to crash very hard. I don’t think there’s an economy there.”

Playstation University interviews Paul Wedgwood, Director of the new multi-player game Brink.

” According to Splash Damage’s CEO and game director Paul Wedgwood, social interaction is the future of gaming. With the development of Brink, gamers are one step closer to a first-person shooter without bots or NPCs but actual characters within the game, multiplayer or single-player, that are all controlled by human opponents. “

iMediaConnection interviews Jimmy Kim, Founder and CEO of NexoNova Studio

” I think during the game development and operating process the concept of “playing anywhere” is becoming more prominent. As a result, game design should now take into consideration multiple access points, such as devices, and different kinds of gaming experiences (single vs. multi-play, mini game vs. scenario play) through those devices, as well as making sure the total user experience is connected throughout the different platforms. “

Video – Future of Social Gaming panel Discussion

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Zynga: Large and in Charge

A report by IHS Screen Digest shows that social gaming powerhouse Zynga has expanded their stranglehold on the market with control of 38% share of the social gaming market. Articles and analysis by:

Games.com ” But Zynga’s power isn’t just it’s money, but what that money allows it to do. When it wants to enter a new market, create a game with a new feature or on a new platform, it just buys companies with an existing presence or expertise there. “

PC Magazine ” IHS also noted that market growth was driven by the networks’ acclimatization to changes in Facebook’s user notification policies, which undermined the cheap viral marketing success of the gaming market. “

TechFlash ” The report said that the global market social networking games was $1.4 billion in 2010, up 116.4 percent from $636 million in 2009. “

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Industry Analysts Roundtable

VentureBeat has an excellent article where venture capitalists focused on the gaming industry discuss opportunities in social gaming, mobile, tablets, etc. From the article:

” If you are breaking out with a new product, then freemium absolutely makes sense because you have to reduce friction. You want people at the top of the funnel to try out the game and get addicted. People try it and they come back. If you have a great brand that comes from that, like Angry Birds, you can start to charge more and move in the direction of paid and microtransactions on top of that too. “

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Playdom launches its own Game Portal

Social Game developer Playdom which was acquired by Disney has created their own gaming portal separate from Facebook. The move mirrors a similar move that Zynga is doing. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” By launching a games portal independent of Facebook, social game companies can allow users to pay for game items and services through a variety of methods outside of Facebook Credits. Facebook takes a 30 percent cut of Facebook Credits revenue.”

Inside Social Games ” It could be that Playdom plans to add its entire games catalog to Playdom.com in the coming months. If so, it and Zynga have similar ideas about breaking away from Facebook to form their own social games networks. “

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Find “Gardens of Time” on Facebook

Time-Traveling detectives can now hunt for hidden objects within Disney’s “Gardens of Time” on Facebook as a social game. Articles and analysis from:

DisZine ” The social networking aspect of the game also adds additional features, including challenging a friend to beat high scores, or sending them in-game gifts and hints. Players can also visit their friends’ gardens to help a player with quests. “

Stitch Kingdom ” Playdom today announced the launch of ‘Gardens of Time,’ a hidden object game re-imagined with social elements on Facebook. ‘Gardens of Time’ provides the artistic and game play depth of a downloadable hidden object game while setting a new standard of social game play within the genre. “

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