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Zynga IPO….The Aftermath

Now that Zynga has gone public, what is in store for the world of social gaming? Analysts across the world weigh in on the industry and the impact of the IPO. Here’s a sampling:

Hugffington Post provides an excellent article discussing why Zynga’s IPO is a major victory for the Facebook social networking platform.

” Zynga and other app developers can tap into Facebook’s population of more than 800 million users, as well as the social network’s payment system, marketing opportunities and viral potential. “

Boston Herald takes the Zynga IPO behind the proverbial woodshed.

” The disappointing debut on the public markets may put a dent in the amount companies can raise in the future. Facebook, for example, has been rumored to be planning a $10 billion IPO in 2012, valuing the company at $100 billion. ”

Los Angeles Times “John Schappert, Zynga’s chief operating officer, said his company is on track to grow beyond Facebook. “

Fox News “Zynga, which makes popular games such as Farmville and Words With Friends, opened up 10% at $11, but closed down 5.8%.  “

Video: YouTube Description: Dec. 15 – GreenCrest Capital’s Anupam Palit says Zynga’s growth trajectory and its ability to turn a profit will provide additional upside for its stock once it starts trading


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Mark Zuckerberg discusses Social Games on Facebook Pt 2

VentureBeat  has published a very good video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and staff members discussing changes on the platform. Topics include scaling the platform, virality, Facebook Credits and cost of user acquisition.

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Hi5 Unleashes SocioPath

Social Network hi5 has launched a new social game developer platform called SocioPath that they say provides better opportunities for developers. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Hi5 says SocioPath is meant to “free social game developers from their dependence on social networking portals for viral audience acquisition”

SysCon Media ” Current developer partners include: BigPoint, Digital Chocolate, Playdom, Casual Collective, Portalarium, Slingo, TheBroth, Sneaky Games, HitPoint Studios, Minsh, and HeyZap.”

VentureBeat ” When a player joins a game that is SocioPath-enabled, Hi5 asks you for permission to spread the game to your email, instant messenger, Facebook, or Twitter contacts. SocioPath allows you to play the game without going through a registration process and without having to give your real name.”

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IMVU goes Social

Virtual World company IMVU re-brands itself as a “Social Entertainment Company”. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes ” Adding social games is certainly a way to distance IMVU from virtual worlds, which are no longer in vogue with the media. “

MediaPost ” Driven largely by the popularity of gaming on Facebook, meanwhile, the social gaming market has exploded.”

VentureBeat ” You can purchase in-game virtual goods while playing games such as Top Modelz, which is the IMVU-branded version of Viximo’s Photo Market game.”

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Spread the Wealth

Social Gaming solutions provider Viximo rolls out a new social game platform to help developers get their games distributed across mid-sized social networks. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Viximo’s distribution network includes social networks such as BlackPlanet, Quepasa, Multiply, Zorpia, Tuenti and others. Each network has anywhere from 3 million to 20 million users per month.”

EarthTimes (press release)

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GameSlider will be Multi-lingual

New social game platform GameSlider will be made available in numerous languages. Article and analysis by ArabCrunch

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Platogo goes Social

TechCrunch Europe reports that Austrian casual game platform Platogo will provide a social game experience (wrapper) allowing its developers to easily modify their games and leverage the Facebook social graph.

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