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Get Social in The Dating Game

The Classic TV game show, ” The Dating Game” is coming to Facebook as a social game. 3G Studios will launch the new game on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and other social networks. If done right….this could be massively popular. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Users create an in-game avatar that can be personalized for body type, hair, eye color and clothing. The contestants engage in various question-and-answer games to learn more about each other’s likes and interests, with identities remaining a mystery. “

Games.com the blog ” If you ask us, this better mean real time interaction with other players or The Dating Game on Facebook will likely fail to live up to the original. While we certainly shouldn’t count 3G out too soon, what do you think keeps social games like Wheel of Fortune ticking?

Portfolio.com ” Has anyone at 3G Studios stopped to think about whether this is a good idea? With already one-in-five relationships originating on an online dating service, do we really want to turn love into more of a commodity?”

UPDATE: Games.com interviews 3G Studios CEO James Kosta

The New Dating Game – Are plaid sportcoats the new black?

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One Billion and Counting

eMarketer reports that global social gaming will surpass one billion in revenue in 2011. From the article:

” Revenues from virtual goods made up the majority of social gaming revenues in the past, and they will continue to bring in the biggest share of dollars through 2012. Ad spending will grow more quickly; in 2011, marketers will spend $192 million to advertise on social games, nearly a 60% increase over 2010. “

Additional analysis from:


Financial Times 


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INTERVIEW: Simon Guild of Bigpoint Games

eConsultancy interviews Simon Guild, Chairman of the Board at Bigpoint Games. From the article:

” We think that there is huge growth potential in browser-based games. Ultimately, we believe that the gaming industry will move online as bandwidth restrictions begin to ease, and it is much easier for users to access and play games through the browser than having to download it to their own system. “

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Megamind invades FarmVille

Social gaming giant Zynga hooks up with Dreamworks Animation for a 24 hour promotion of the new feature film, Megamind. Articles and analysis by:

The Hollywood Reporter ” Seeking to leverage Zynga’s reach, DWA will integrate Megamind into Zynga’s most popular game FarmVille, which boasts 17 million daily and 56 million monthly active users worldwide. Zynga’s games are available on such social networks as Facebook and MySpace.”

The Vancouver Sun ” Two special items will be available to those who visit Megamind’s farm, a special “Mega-Grow” formula which helps players to instantly grow crops without wilting and a collectable decorative item for players to feature in their very own farms. ”  

Forbes “ For Zynga, this will be the company’s first in-game integration with a feature film, as well as first-ever global ad campaign.”

Reuters ” Zynga late last year ran a weeklong campaign with Universal Studios in social game Mafia Wars in support of the Blu-ray and DVD release of “Public Enemies.” Zynga also has done FarmVille integrations with the likes of McDonald’s and Farmers Insurance.”

The HD Trailer

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Virtual Goodness

The New York Times discusses recent brand advertisement campaigns related to virtual goods in social games. From the article:

” So far, the virtual goods market largely consists of micro-purchases. Consumers typically pay $1 to $3 while playing games like FarmVille or Mafia Wars, both created by the social-gaming company Zynga, to get a jump on game rivals.”

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Zynga dominates Social Gaming news

These days, you can’t read an article, blog post or press release about social gaming without a mention about Zynga. Here’s a few of the latest news and events:

Virtual Worlds News discusses the implications of Zynga abandoning the MSN portal.

The Los Angeles Times reports on Owen Van Natta (former CEO of MySpace) joining Zynga.

The Wall Street Journal discusses social gaming and Facebook Credits in this Opinion piece

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Resistance is Futile

Playdom utilizes  its recent investment of $33 Million  to purchase Social Game developer Hive7 and integrate it into its growing empire. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Playdom has acquired and invested in over a half-dozen studios since it secured $76 million in a round of financing last November.”

VentureBeat ” Playdom’s big games include Social City and Mobsters. Users play the company’s games for free, but they pay to purchase virtual goods such as better weapons in the games. “

TechCrunch ” 60% of traffic is from MySpace v. 40% from Facebook. Playdom’s main competitor is gaming giant Zynga, which is a leading game developer on Facebook.”



PR Newswire (Press Release)

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