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Zynga IPO….The Aftermath

Now that Zynga has gone public, what is in store for the world of social gaming? Analysts across the world weigh in on the industry and the impact of the IPO. Here’s a sampling:

Hugffington Post provides an excellent article discussing why Zynga’s IPO is a major victory for the Facebook social networking platform.

” Zynga and other app developers can tap into Facebook’s population of more than 800 million users, as well as the social network’s payment system, marketing opportunities and viral potential. “

Boston Herald takes the Zynga IPO behind the proverbial woodshed.

” The disappointing debut on the public markets may put a dent in the amount companies can raise in the future. Facebook, for example, has been rumored to be planning a $10 billion IPO in 2012, valuing the company at $100 billion. ”

Los Angeles Times “John Schappert, Zynga’s chief operating officer, said his company is on track to grow beyond Facebook. “

Fox News “Zynga, which makes popular games such as Farmville and Words With Friends, opened up 10% at $11, but closed down 5.8%.  “

Video: YouTube Description: Dec. 15 – GreenCrest Capital’s Anupam Palit says Zynga’s growth trajectory and its ability to turn a profit will provide additional upside for its stock once it starts trading


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Marvelous Team Up: Quepasa meets MyYearbook

The mergers and acquisitions continue as two mid-sized social networks with strong social gaming platforms merge. Latino oriented Quepasa and MyYearbook will form a much more formidable network to challenge Facebook and the fast growing Google+. Articles and analysis from:

GigaOM ” Quepasa CEO John Abbott said the merger with MyYearbook, with its strong growth and product focus, will allow Quepasa to become a leader in social discovery and help drive larger growth for the combined company, particularly in mobile where it doesn’t appear to have much of a presence. “

TechCrunch ” Quepasa CEO, John Abbott says that the acquisition and merger doubles the size of Quepasa’s existing user base, and also could represent a new growth area for Quepasa’s mobile and social games, advertising, and virtual currency. “

Marketwatch (includes video) ” In the shadow of Facebook, two smaller social networks are liking each other: Quepasa Corp. said it is buying fellow social network myYearbook.com in a deal valued at $100 million. “

Learn more about the explosive growth of social networks at SocialNetworksGuide.com

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Business Brands invade Social Games

Mashable has an interesting article about how various business brands are utilizing social games to reach large audiences and spread their message. From the article:

” Big brands are finding ways to leverage the enormous social gaming population (which is expected to reach 68.7 million players by the end of 2012). “

EXTRA! Gamasutra has an article about how Seattle social game developer Mindbloom is partnering with Aetna on a new health related game.

UPDATE: Hospitopia allows sponsors to integrate their brand messages within the new social game. Press Release here

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Turner Broadcasting Europe discovers TeePee Games

London based TeePee Games gets an investment from Turner Broadcasting Europe. Discovery has emerged as the primary hurdle for many new social game companies and  Teepee Games is a social game recommendation engine. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Users can discover games across a number of sources including Facebook, Adobe Flash game portals and Android smartphones. Social features — such as rewards and loyalty points — will get consumers coming back to the platform on a daily basis to discover and play new games. TeePee’s goal is to create the equivalent of the Pandora music discovery service for games. “

TechCrunch Europe ” Competitors includes Miniclip, of Mindjolt in Facebook, but – as Pearce points out – none have a discovery engine, merely charts. Analytics are a core component of the startup. It’s discovery engine gives developers realtime social gaming data and analytics. “

Gamasutra ” TeePee’s Geronimo platform offers a single hub where users can locate and store online games across social networks, mobile game stores (e.g. Apple’s App Store, Google Marketplace), and hundreds of thousands of Flash game sites. “

TeePee Games – Overview Trailer

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Are you Ready for RewardVille?

Zynga rolls out its own reward system RewardVille and virtual currency called “Z-Coins”. Articles and analysis from:

Red Orbit ” Media conglomerates such as Walt Disney Corp. and Time Warner Inc. should be worried, says, BTIG Research analyst, Rich Greenfield. Zynga threatens to take viewers away from their televisions and movies. Disney responded to the threat by purchasing its rival, Playdom for $563 million last year. “

NPR ” The lure this time is “RewardVille,” a show of appreciation aimed at getting players even more absorbed in their online farms, cities, crime rings and poker games. The program unveiled a week ago doles out game points and credits that can be used to buy more virtual goodies on Zynga’s existing games. “

MarketingVox ” These games’ popularity is drawing people’s away from TV sets, movies and other sources of entertainment. “Media has been fragmenting, and Zynga seems to be doing the exact opposite. It is growing at a staggering rate and reaching eyeballs that none of these companies are doing. “

Video: Zynga’s Rewardville trailer

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Plateau unveils “Fortune Stones” social game

Industry veterans from Real Networks and other companies form a new social game company called Plateau. Their first game they are rolling out is called Fortune Stones. Articles and analysis from:

Newswire (press release) ” In Fortune Stones, players match three or more stones to score points and advance to higher levels. Unlike other “match 3” games, Fortune Stones features two distinct game modes: Frenzy and Strategy. “

TechFlash ” Tyler Champley, Playteau’s director of online marketing, said Fortune Stones is just the first in what will be a robust portfolio of social games. The company plans to roll out more games over the next three months. “

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Making Fun of Social Games

News Corp has entered the Social Gaming business by acquiring games publisher Making Fun. Will News Corp become a major player by putting their financial and marketing muscle behind a social games publisher? What types of  game companies will they invest in and eventually acquire? Articles and analysis from:

The Los Angeles Times ” John Welch, general manager of Making Fun, declined to disclose the purchase price but said in an interview, “News Corp. recognized that gaming is very important as a form of media. The future of gaming, as with many other forms of entertainment, is digital.”

Gamasutra ” As opposed to a basic distribution role, Making Fun says it’ll be actively involved in providing financial and technical support for titles well into the live operation stage, helping build concepts into franchises. “

IGN John Welch: “Explosive growth in the social games space has attracted substantial game development talent, raising the costs to effectively compete. Making Fun provides funding and other essential services to enable our partners to focus their energy on making great games.”

PaidContent.org ” Call it the Zynga Effect: Even old-media companies have seen the stratospheric rise of the category and want in on the action and out of the expensive, declining console-gaming world. “

VentureBeat ” Welch said it was already evident that Zynga was becoming a leader in social games on Facebook and Ngmoco (now owned by Japan’s DeNA) was a leader in iPhone games. So they decided to sell their company to News Corp. in November and battle the competition as the game-publishing arm of the media giant. “

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