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Life Beyond Facebook?

The Business Insider has an article written by Dutch entrepreneur Marc van der Chijis. Marc provides various social gaming platform  alternatives to Facebook that he says developers should at least consider to branch out. From the article:

 ” With 130 million unique visitors per month, they currently present one of the most attractive alternatives to Facebook for many developers—not only because of the size of their audience and the global reach of the platforms, but also because there is a lot less competition. “


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Sega gets in the Game

Japanese gaming firm Sega has entered the social gaming industry with “Sega Play! Baseball!” on Facebook. Articles and analysis from:

Games.com ” When it finally is ready for American audiences it will be one of the first baseball Facebook games released by a major publisher. In March, the company will launch Sega Play! Football on Hi5. “

Total Telecom ” Sega plans to develop the “Sega Play!” brand into a series of games with a global presence, supporting a variety of languages in different regions of the world. “

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Gun Bros gets Social

Glu Mobile brings its popular mobile title Gun Bros to Facebook,  Hi5 and Wild Tangent social gaming platforms.  Press Release by: PRNewswire

” Glu’s move to online responds to the demand from gamers to take their Gun Bros experience to additional social channels, bringing the game to a wider audience and building a bigger army of “Bros.” Players have been hooked by the over-the-top guns, deadly cyborg enemies, humor, and ability to invite their friends (and Bros!) on adrenaline pumping missions. ”

Hillarious Game review and good footage of some guy’s thumb


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Get Social in The Dating Game

The Classic TV game show, ” The Dating Game” is coming to Facebook as a social game. 3G Studios will launch the new game on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and other social networks. If done right….this could be massively popular. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Users create an in-game avatar that can be personalized for body type, hair, eye color and clothing. The contestants engage in various question-and-answer games to learn more about each other’s likes and interests, with identities remaining a mystery. “

Games.com the blog ” If you ask us, this better mean real time interaction with other players or The Dating Game on Facebook will likely fail to live up to the original. While we certainly shouldn’t count 3G out too soon, what do you think keeps social games like Wheel of Fortune ticking?

Portfolio.com ” Has anyone at 3G Studios stopped to think about whether this is a good idea? With already one-in-five relationships originating on an online dating service, do we really want to turn love into more of a commodity?”

UPDATE: Games.com interviews 3G Studios CEO James Kosta

The New Dating Game – Are plaid sportcoats the new black?

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Push comes to Hi5

Gamasutra reports on a new social game that is being rolled out on Hi5 by Austrian developer Socialspiel called Push. From the article:

” Competing in ranked matches is not only fun, but can earn you valuable points and raise your rank in the leaderboard, giving players on hi5 the exclusive chance to win an Apple iPad!”

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Fastpoint Games knows Fantasy

Sys-Con Media reports that Fastpoint Games is now the parent Company to RotoHog and continues to expand its data driven Fantasy sports style gaming design in new directions. From the Press Release:

” Under the Fastpoint Games banner, the company will apply RotoHog’s deep understanding of how to create rapidly configurable games using structured data to drive consumer engagement to help brands in other markets like social media, entertainment, MMO, politics and regulated gaming, grow their audience, engage their users and monetize more effectively than ever before.”

Also, Biz Report interviews FastPoint Games CEO Kelly Perdew for an article discussing using brands within games to advertise. From the article:

Fastpoint Games is the leader in fantasy sports games with users averaging 9:40 and just over 10 pageviews per visit. The company has launched 57 games for 15 clients across 21 sports/entertainment seasons over the past 14 months.

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Hi5 Unleashes SocioPath

Social Network hi5 has launched a new social game developer platform called SocioPath that they say provides better opportunities for developers. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Hi5 says SocioPath is meant to “free social game developers from their dependence on social networking portals for viral audience acquisition”

SysCon Media ” Current developer partners include: BigPoint, Digital Chocolate, Playdom, Casual Collective, Portalarium, Slingo, TheBroth, Sneaky Games, HitPoint Studios, Minsh, and HeyZap.”

VentureBeat ” When a player joins a game that is SocioPath-enabled, Hi5 asks you for permission to spread the game to your email, instant messenger, Facebook, or Twitter contacts. SocioPath allows you to play the game without going through a registration process and without having to give your real name.”

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