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ESPN Serves Up Sports Bar & Grill

ESPN the Total Sports Network, has rolled out its second social game in partnership with Disney owned Playdom called “Sports Bar & Grill“. This follows on the heels of their first social game called ESPN CollegeTown. Will strong brands like ESPN pull Disney/Playdom closer to Zynga’s massive user base? Articles and analysis from:

MediaBistro ” By earning more, owners can purchase enhancements to their sports bars to level up faster, including expansion, flatscreen TVs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab™ and TVs, posters, signs, arcade games, sports memorabilia, tables, chairs, bar stools and more. “

Mashable  ” Players already familiar with the Facebook-friendly FarmVille-style of casual gaming should feel at home while playing ESPN Sports Bar & Grill — and they can expect the game to require their frequent attention and become more involved with more play. “


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GET HIGH Score on “Weeds Social Club”

The brand invasion continues as Showtime rolls out a new social game for Facebook based on their hit TV show, Weeds. Articles and analysis from:

The Atlantic ” But the game will serve as more than just another way for the Weeds producers to get attention for their show. It could eventually serve as a testing ground for new characters or stories to be incorporated into the actual show, according to Curt Marvis, the president of digital media at Lionsgate, Weeds‘ distributor and producer. ”

Huffington Post  ” In the game, players can visit different locations to buy different kinds of pot, such as “Jamaican Ganja” or “Schwag Weed.” Users plant their purchased seeds, raise the seedlings and harvest a mature crop. Then, users set prices for their pot and send it along to a hoodie-clad dealer to distribute the goods. “

Mashable  ” This isn’t the first social game to based on a TV show to come to Facebook: Gossip Girl launched a game in January, and Starz launched its new series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, with a social game as well. “

Video – Weeds Trailer

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Will “Top Girl” top the Mobile Gaming charts?

Social gaming company Crowdstar rolls out a new mobile social game title called “Top Girl“. The game is designed with female gamers in mind and is only available on iOS. Is this a sign of things to come for Crowdstar? For the entire industry? Articles and analysis from:

Games.com ” While Top Girl is a separate game from It Girl — the two games are largely identical. Start the game by custom-creating an avatar and then take them shopping, dress them and then help them climb a virtual social ladder by taking on modeling jobs and hitting up popular nightspots. “

VentureBeat  ” The game is a free-to-play native iPhone title. Users can download it for free on the iPhone or iPad and then pay real money for virtual goods in the game. The title is not connected to It Girl and so is a new brand that targets women who want to play out a fantasy modeling career.”

Gamasutra (press release) ” Top Girl is a completely new mobile title that targets the female gamer interested in shopping, fashion and modeling themes. The game, which is unconnected to the CrowdStar’s Facebook game It Girl, leverages on the experience and assets CrowdStar built on Facebook. However, the game is not a companion product to CrowdStar’s Facebook game.”

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Social Gaming meets Country Music

CMT has rolled out a new social game on Facebook called “Platinum Life: Country“. The game was developed by Heatwave Interactive and allows fans to chase their dreams of becoming a Country Music star on the Facebook social network platform. Articles and analysis from:

Media-Newswire (Press Release) ” CMT Presents Platinum Life: Country is the first social network game based on the country music lifestyle. Players design and customize their own characters and communities, then hit the road and tour venues alongside many of country’s leading names. “

Video – Platinum Life: Country – Trailer

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Sims Social Starts the Avatar Revolution

The new game Sims Social seems to take the concept of using an avatar within a social game to another level. In Sims Social you will be able to do much more with your avatar than traditional social games AND share info about it with your friends on Facebook. Here’s the trailer from E3 2011.

Video – The Sims Social Trailer

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Hang Out with Zynga

Social gaming gargantuan Zynga rolls out a new mobile social game called “Hanging With Friends” that is based loosely on the classic hangman word game. The new mobile game is designed for the iOS platform. Articles and analysis from:

Inside Social Games  ” Though modeled on the classic word game Hangman, Hanging With Friends incorporates elements from Scrabble to form a unique puzzle-like gameplay experience. Players choose an animated cartoon-y avatar with various facial expressions that change as game-play progresses. “

 Vator News  ” As with every other Zynga game, social gameplay is encouraged. You can either connect to friends through your With Friends account, Facebook Connect or by searching for a random challenger. And as with Words With Friends, you can play up to 20 games and at any pace. “

AppModo   ” Hanging With Friends is available in Canada today and will soon be available globally as a free or premium download from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.  “

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The Simpsons are coming to Facebook as a new social game. Articles and analysis from:

MCV ” MCV has learnt that EA will release a Facebook game based on The Simpsons franchise this September. “

Gamezebo EA has produced a trio of Simpsons-related games in the past, including The Simpsons Hit & Run and The Simpsons Game for consoles and The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown for mobile phones. Though not confirmed, it seems likely that EA owned Playfish will handle development duties on the game

Video – The Simpsons/Inception Mash-Up

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