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GET HIGH Score on “Weeds Social Club”

The brand invasion continues as Showtime rolls out a new social game for Facebook based on their hit TV show, Weeds. Articles and analysis from:

The Atlantic ” But the game will serve as more than just another way for the Weeds producers to get attention for their show. It could eventually serve as a testing ground for new characters or stories to be incorporated into the actual show, according to Curt Marvis, the president of digital media at Lionsgate, Weeds‘ distributor and producer. ”

Huffington Post  ” In the game, players can visit different locations to buy different kinds of pot, such as “Jamaican Ganja” or “Schwag Weed.” Users plant their purchased seeds, raise the seedlings and harvest a mature crop. Then, users set prices for their pot and send it along to a hoodie-clad dealer to distribute the goods. “

Mashable  ” This isn’t the first social game to based on a TV show to come to Facebook: Gossip Girl launched a game in January, and Starz launched its new series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, with a social game as well. “

Video – Weeds Trailer


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Unleash your inner DJ with Turntable.fm

Music lovers are getting addicted to the new service called Turntable.fm on Facebook. Part music service and part social game (complete with avatars, playlists and an awesome/lame measurement meter) could this be the killer app that merges the two industries?  Articles and analysis from:

Technorati In turntable.fm you log in with your Facebook account (in fact, you can also use it in Facebook’s site as a Facebook app). However, the link with that social network ends there: when logged in, you get to choose your nickname and your avatar.

GigaOM  ” The third era of social music is about immersion, as sites like Turntable.fm and Outloud.fm make online music seem more like off-line social music sharing (remember that?) by adding more immediacy and intimacy to the experience. “

DVICE  ” Each room has five DJ spots that rotate, and the rest of the users populate a crowd that judges each tune, deeming it “lame” or “awesome.” As for picking tunes, there’s a central Turntable list you select from, or you can upload songs yourself if you don’t see what you’re looking for. “

Video – Turntable.fm demo by Lifehacker

Learn more about the social network music scene at SocialNetworkMusic.com

UPDATE! SirMixalot tears up the DJ booth! 



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Social Gaming meets Country Music

CMT has rolled out a new social game on Facebook called “Platinum Life: Country“. The game was developed by Heatwave Interactive and allows fans to chase their dreams of becoming a Country Music star on the Facebook social network platform. Articles and analysis from:

Media-Newswire (Press Release) ” CMT Presents Platinum Life: Country is the first social network game based on the country music lifestyle. Players design and customize their own characters and communities, then hit the road and tour venues alongside many of country’s leading names. “

Video – Platinum Life: Country – Trailer

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Find TeePee Games on Facebook

Game discovery service TeePee Games launches a new Facebook application within the social network that allows visitors to easily access their stable of social games. Articles and analysis from:

Games.com  ” The app uses TeePee’s Geronimo, a discovery engine that becomes more effective as you play more games from within the app. For instance, if you tend to play more simulation games like FarmVille over time, TeePee will begin to recommend more games like it and, in theory, games you would be hard-pressed to find otherwise. “

Gamasutra (Press Release) ” TeePee Games currently has more than 350 titles in its catalogue of Facebook games and already has agreements in place with some of the largest social game developers in the sector, including Playdom, Wooga, Digital Chocolate and Hit Point Studios, to name a few. “

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Sims Social Starts the Avatar Revolution

The new game Sims Social seems to take the concept of using an avatar within a social game to another level. In Sims Social you will be able to do much more with your avatar than traditional social games AND share info about it with your friends on Facebook. Here’s the trailer from E3 2011.

Video – The Sims Social Trailer

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VIDEO: Zynga Presentation at ad:tech San Francisco

Zynga’s Manny Anekal breaks down the social gaming giant’s advantages to brand marketers. (slight audio issue near the beginning). Very good stats and breakdown of campaigns for Farmers Insurance, the Green Hornet movie, etc.

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Life Beyond Facebook?

The Business Insider has an article written by Dutch entrepreneur Marc van der Chijis. Marc provides various social gaming platform  alternatives to Facebook that he says developers should at least consider to branch out. From the article:

 ” With 130 million unique visitors per month, they currently present one of the most attractive alternatives to Facebook for many developers—not only because of the size of their audience and the global reach of the platforms, but also because there is a lot less competition. “

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