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Video: Sean Ryan of Facebook

Sean Ryan,  Head of Game Partnerships of Facebook discussed the current state and future of the social gaming ecosystem. This is an excellent overview of the current Facebook social gaming environment.

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Marvelous Team Up: Lolapps meets 6waves

Mid-Tier social gaming companies Lolapps and 6waves team up to become a serious force within the explosive social games industry. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes ” Lolapps has been working with 6waves for the past 18 month and felt that 6waves had a similar focus on analytics and data-oriented design decisions in building games, says Arjun Sethi, CEO of Lolapps. 6waves was also attractive as a global publisher, working with Tencent in China, Mixi in Japan, and Zapak in India. “

Portfolio ” With 35 million monthly active users on Facebook between them, the merger will give the pair the No. 2 spot behind Zynga, which is way ahead with 274 million users. “

TechCrunch ” The combined company will be branded as 6waves Lolapps, but 6Waves and Lolapps will continue to function independently. CEO Rex Ng will become the CEO of the newly merged company, with Lolapps CEO Arjun Sethi reporting to Ng. “

Video – Ravenwood Fair in Nestea Commercial


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Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2011

The following are a selection of the articles and reports covering the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

USA Today provides an overview of the social network and mobile games industry with some commentary from GDC 2011 event director Meggan Scavio

ZDNet has an article called “Game makers vs. Gamification – it’s on!”

Gamasutra provides a GDC 2011 hub page

San Francisco Chronice has an article entitled ” Game Developers Conference to See New Players Join

The Official GDC 2011 homepage

InsideSocialGames has GDC: An Insider’s View of CityVille, From Idea to Launch

Marketwatch has a video of Alex St. John discussing Wild Tangent and  Hi5’s strategy regarding developing their social gaming strategy. He also previews the SocioPath gaming platform that allows social games to operate off of Facebook using their unique URL’s with their own landing page. He also discusses the SocioPay monetization engine. Gamezebo provides an interview with Alex St. John here

BusinessWire has a Press Release for Blue Noodle’s unveiling of their new video ad bar called ClickStrip at GDC 2011

PocketGamer.biz provides an interesting article about mobile gaming company ngmoco

Funium announces their funding round of  $1.2 million to enter the social gaming industry with games centered on positive family themes.

Idea Fabrik announces the ” Idea System Social Game Development Platform”.

Gamasutra provides an article where Ralph Koster, VP of Creative Development at Playdom/Disney discusses the opportunities to leverage new gaming mechanics such as elections and rituals in social games.

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Developers discuss Social Games

Gamasutra provides an interesting article where three top designers from Zynga, Playdom and Lolapps discuss their perspectives on why social games get a bad rap from console game developers and also offer their  insight on the future of the industry. From the article:

“Now that we’ve established that there’s a huge mass market audience for Facebook games, we are starting to make titles that aren’t necessarily more complicated, but are more entertaining and let friends interact with each other in more sophisticated ways,”

Playdom’s City of Wonder video by Frisky Mongoose


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Hi5 Unleashes SocioPath

Social Network hi5 has launched a new social game developer platform called SocioPath that they say provides better opportunities for developers. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Hi5 says SocioPath is meant to “free social game developers from their dependence on social networking portals for viral audience acquisition”

SysCon Media ” Current developer partners include: BigPoint, Digital Chocolate, Playdom, Casual Collective, Portalarium, Slingo, TheBroth, Sneaky Games, HitPoint Studios, Minsh, and HeyZap.”

VentureBeat ” When a player joins a game that is SocioPath-enabled, Hi5 asks you for permission to spread the game to your email, instant messenger, Facebook, or Twitter contacts. SocioPath allows you to play the game without going through a registration process and without having to give your real name.”

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Back to the Future

Video game Grandaddy Atari announces new initiatives to leverage their IP portfolio online and on social networks like Facebook. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Many of the simple arcade games under which Atari made its name were innovative for their time, but interestingly, in the current climate they’d qualify as casual games, simple, accessible and tailored for short play sessions, Kozik adds.”

VentureBeat ” Atari’s platform will help developers reach new audiences via various friend networks, since the discovery of content is a key problem in the mobile world, Kozik said. Atari will also provide analytics information in addition to marketing and distribution.”

PR Newswire – Press Release

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Marvelous Team Up: THQ meets Joyent

Video game developer THQ partners upwith Joyent to utilize their cloud computing services for THQ’s social gaming initiatives. Articles and analysis by:

Forbes ” Joyent manages things like server infrastructure and bandwidth needs for its customers. Its customers include social game developers Kabam!, Backstage Technologies and Country Life, as well as LinkedIn.”

MarketWatch ” THQ will use Joyent’s innovative Smart Technologies to provide a turn-key development and publishing environment to its social gaming development teams.”

Gamasutra ” Joyent says its services are designed to enable rapid prototyping and deployment of online games while lowering operating costs and improving scalability. “

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