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Hi5 Unleashes SocioPath

Social Network hi5 has launched a new social game developer platform called SocioPath that they say provides better opportunities for developers. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Hi5 says SocioPath is meant to “free social game developers from their dependence on social networking portals for viral audience acquisition”

SysCon Media ” Current developer partners include: BigPoint, Digital Chocolate, Playdom, Casual Collective, Portalarium, Slingo, TheBroth, Sneaky Games, HitPoint Studios, Minsh, and HeyZap.”

VentureBeat ” When a player joins a game that is SocioPath-enabled, Hi5 asks you for permission to spread the game to your email, instant messenger, Facebook, or Twitter contacts. SocioPath allows you to play the game without going through a registration process and without having to give your real name.”

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