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Leaving the Mothership

Viximo provides access for developers to spread their social games beyond Facebook and on to other social networks. Their recent partnership with LOLapps (Ravenwood Fair) and other developers strengthens their portfolio of quality social games. Articles and analysis from:

Inside Social Games ” The best candidates for cross-platform publishing are similar to the company’s three new partner games: titles that have proven themselves able to attract crowds on Facebook already.”
BusinessWire ” Viximo’s platform distributes leading social games to an international and fast growing catalog of partners, matching great games to the top social networks beyond Facebook.

 Video: Ravenwood Fair


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Here to Stay

Mashable provides a good article written by Ravi Mehta, VP of Product at Viximo. The article examines why social gaming is more than a passing fad. From the article:

Social gaming is here to stay, and it’s here to stay for two fundamental reasons: 1.) The format of social games is a perfect match to the daily pattern and rhythm of how people use the social web, and 2.) Social games are the only form of interactive entertainment that are natively woven into and distributed via social networks — the Internet(Internet)’s new gateway.

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Viximo sets up shop in San Francisco

Social Games distributor Viximo expands to San Francisco. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Founded in 2007, Viximo runs a platform that helps developers publish and monetize their social games beyond Facebook and across multiple social networks, such as BlackPlanet, Quepasa, IMVU, and others. Its network of partners reach over 60 million users. “

BusinessWire ” Viximo’s Bay Area growth and added executive power highlights the company’s dedication to its vision of helping both social networks and games companies to enhance their offerings with compelling entertainment content and systematic revenue support.”


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Spread the Wealth

Social Gaming solutions provider Viximo rolls out a new social game platform to help developers get their games distributed across mid-sized social networks. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Viximo’s distribution network includes social networks such as BlackPlanet, Quepasa, Multiply, Zorpia, Tuenti and others. Each network has anywhere from 3 million to 20 million users per month.”

EarthTimes (press release)

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