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EA Emerges as a Serious Player in Social Games

With the Sims Social, EA has a runaway megahit game and is clearly becoming a dominant force in the industry, second only to Zynga.  Articles and analysis of EA from: ” The company’s social games also include venerable franchises such as Bejeweled’ and Plants vs. Zombies’. Electronic Arts has a total of 72.3 million registered social gaming users across the Internet, which is still a third of market leader Zynga’s 275.4 million users, but EA’s gains have definitely caught the market’s attention. “

Montreal Gazette ” Chief Executive John Riccitiello told Reuters in an interview his company survived a “near-death experience,” three years ago when its profit shrank, game quality was poor and it lacked an Internet presence.

CNBC (includes video) Riccitiello said the Electronic Arts is now “aggressively” closing the gap between it and social gaming company Zynga thanks the release of its new Facebook game “The Sims Social.” He said the game is now number two in the social gaming space.



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Is Tagged a Social Games Sleeping Giant?

Mashable reports that social network Tagged will soon announce the opening  of its own social games studio.  From the article:

” Tagged is one of the few social networks that has somehow found a way to prosper despite Facebook’s dominance in the space. It has amassed more than 100 million users (for comparison, Facebook has 600+ million) by focusing on being a place to meet new people based on shared interests. “

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Row Sham Bow reels in the Dough

A new social gaming studio called Row Sham Bow created by seasoned veterans has raised $3Million. The company will target games on Facebook and other social networks and platforms. Articles and analysis from:

TechCrunch ” Row Sham Bow is certainly ambitious – the startup plans to create 60 “high-wage” jobs in Central Florida according to a Orlando Business Journal report. “

Vator News  ” If the social and mobile gaming space has proven anything, though, it’s that there’s always room for more entrants, like Row Sham Bow. “

Virtual-Strategy Magazine   ” Founded by President & CEO Philip Holt and Chief Technology Officer Nick Gonzalez, Row Sham Bow has assembled a world-class team of developers with decades of experience building iconic intellectual property. “

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What’s The Big Deal?

The trend to develop new social games based on previously successful TV game shows with built-in audiences continues. GameHouse lands the exclusive license rights to produce a social game based  the popular TV show “Let’s Make a Deal” from Fremantle Media Enterprises.  Article and analysis from:  ” Let’s Make a Deal has phenomenal consumer recognition and strong appeal. The show is a classic with a well-understood game premise … (and) embodies personality and has a great sense of humor with its costumes and ‘zonks.’

PR Newswire (Press Release)  ” GameHouse is a leading global provider of casual games for multiple platforms including PC, online, social and mobile. “

Video: Let’s Make A Deal TV Show

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MegaZebra focuses on Facebook

TechCrunch Europe reports that social game developer MegaZebra has received a new round of funding and will now focus exclusively on the massive Facebook platform. From the article:

” MegaZebra will use the additional capital to hire more people and get more social games out there. “

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Syfy exploring Social Games

BroadcastingCable says that Syfy will bring its fantasy, paranormal and science fiction content to Facebook and other social networks in 2011. Syfy believes there is ample cross-marketing potential.  From the article:

” Syfy will serve as the exclusive publisher of these new games in all markets. It will work with an independent game developer to bring their concepts to markets. These could also expand onto other game platforms, as well as onto Syfy’s TV, motion picture and digital platforms. “

Video: Witchville on Syfy

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Making Fun of Social Games

News Corp has entered the Social Gaming business by acquiring games publisher Making Fun. Will News Corp become a major player by putting their financial and marketing muscle behind a social games publisher? What types of  game companies will they invest in and eventually acquire? Articles and analysis from:

The Los Angeles Times ” John Welch, general manager of Making Fun, declined to disclose the purchase price but said in an interview, “News Corp. recognized that gaming is very important as a form of media. The future of gaming, as with many other forms of entertainment, is digital.”

Gamasutra ” As opposed to a basic distribution role, Making Fun says it’ll be actively involved in providing financial and technical support for titles well into the live operation stage, helping build concepts into franchises. “

IGN John Welch: “Explosive growth in the social games space has attracted substantial game development talent, raising the costs to effectively compete. Making Fun provides funding and other essential services to enable our partners to focus their energy on making great games.” ” Call it the Zynga Effect: Even old-media companies have seen the stratospheric rise of the category and want in on the action and out of the expensive, declining console-gaming world. “

VentureBeat ” Welch said it was already evident that Zynga was becoming a leader in social games on Facebook and Ngmoco (now owned by Japan’s DeNA) was a leader in iPhone games. So they decided to sell their company to News Corp. in November and battle the competition as the game-publishing arm of the media giant. “

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