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Video: Sean Ryan of Facebook

Sean Ryan,  Head of Game Partnerships of Facebook discussed the current state and future of the social gaming ecosystem. This is an excellent overview of the current Facebook social gaming environment.


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Big pop for PopCap

PopCap Games is acquired for $1.3 Billion by Electronic Arts. How will this massive acquisition affect the social games industry?Articles and analysis from:

The Wall Street Journal ” A PopCap executive offered to sell Bejeweled to Microsoft for $35,000 back in 1999.  “

Los Angeles Times  “What made PopCap attractive to EA and others that bid for the company was its ability to sell its games on numerous platforms. “

Forbes ” The social gaming company Zyngaoffered $1 billion in cash to acquirePopCap Games, but was turned down in favor of a more complex and potentially more lucrative offer from Electronic Arts, according to a source close to the deal. “

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PopCap Valuation Popping through the Roof

Is casual game giant turned social game behemoth PopCap getting acquired for $1 Billion?!!!! Rumors and speculation abound. Articles and analysis from:

CNET ” Multiple sources tell TechCrunch that the company is definitely in play. Just one problem–the sources don’t know who the buyer is.”

San Francisco Chronicle  ” Or maybe it’s a big name company who wants to expand into social games — Google was recently hiring for a games product manager and last year bought (much smaller) social gaming company SocialDeck and in-game payments startup Jambool. “

VentureBeat ” PopCap has been adapting to the rapid rise of Facebook games and has 16.3 million monthly active users on the site. PopCap has 4.3 million daily active users, or those who come back once a day, and it ranks No. 3 behind Zynga and Electronic Arts, according to AppData. “

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PopCap on the Warpath

PopCap Games goes on the offensive with several key deals and initiatives:

PopCap signs an exclusive deal to launch their games Chuzzle and Plants vs Zombies on Amazon’s App Store for Android before expanding into the greater Android ecosystem. Articles and analysis from:

GigaOM (includes video) ” PopCap said both games, which are already available on iOS, will launch on their first day for free before listing at $2.99. “

Fast Company  ” And there you get to the crux of it all. By signing up companies like PopCap with such clever deals, Amazon is building up the powers of its Android appstore and, sure, earning some income. But it could be really all about building a footprint for its rumored up-coming tablet “

PopCap Games teams up with Shanghai based Spicy Horse. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra  ” While he can’t disclose details of the PopCap game, he said it’s “a perfect example of the kind of games we’re going to be working on.” It’s free-to-play, it will launch initially in Asia, it’s multiplayer, and it’s microtransaction-driven. “It’s got all of those hooks in there,” McGee said. ”

The Escapist ” Once Madness Returns is released, Spicy Horse will turn to making 3D online games, starting by remaking one of PopCap’s big franchises such as Peggle,Bejeweled, or Plants vs. Zombies. “  ” One thing that McGee says the studio main focus is merging casual games with a top-notch 3D video game experience. “My belief is that this combination will be the next big wave in the casual online space,” McGee says in the blog post. “Where audiences have had their fun with great 2D Facebook games, the market demands evolution, and we hope we’ve got the secret formula.”

GamePlanet has an interesting interview with Spicy Horse designer American McGee.

Video – GamerLive TV interviews American McGee

PopCap snaps up social game developer ZipZapPlay. Articles and analysis from:

VatorNews  ” Founders Curt Bererton (CEO) and Mathilde Pignol (CCO) will continue to lead development at the San Francisco gaming studio, which will operate independently. Created in 2007, ZipZapPlay had raised venture funding from Harrison Metal Capital and Blumberg Capital. ”

PC Magazine  ” But it’s clear PopCap is placing an increased emphasis on social games, particularly on Facebook. Besides the acquisition of ZipZapPlay, PopCap recently announced the creation of “4th and Battery,” a development studio aimed at creating games for Facebook, PCs, and iOS-based devices. “

PopCap teams with Taito Corp to launch “PopTower” on GREE, Japan’s largest social network.

PRNewswire (Press Release) ” The PopTower editions of PopCap classics feature all-new game modes and social elements that allow Japanese users to interact with friends. The service is tied together with an all-new metagame with RPG elements that sees players rescue PopCap’s beloved game characters to restore beauty to the land.”

Penn Olson ” With most of the major countries in Asia covered, there is a fair chance that India orIndonesia could be PopCap’s next target. “

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Big Numbers

VentureBeat has an excellent research article discussing their findings that gaming companies received over a Billion dollars in funding in 2010. Includes a nice breakdown of all the companies and their investors. From the article:

” But the big trend that continues to drive the investments is the theme of disruption. The traditional game business is being disrupted by the popularity of social games on social networks like Facebook.”

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Zuma Blitz invades Facebook

PopCap Games unleashes Zuma Blitz social game on Facebook. Articles and analysis from:

Gamasutra ” Zuma Blitz compresses the franchise’s ball-exploding concept into a one-minute experience, adding weekly tournaments and new level releases, leaderboards, an experience points system, the ability to compare medals and achievements with friends, and more. “

Silicon Republic ” PopCap Games has released Zuma Blitz on Facebook, giving players the first competitive and co-operative version of Zuma.”

Promo Video by PopCap Games

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Social Gaming: Statistics, Research and Resources

Social gaming research and stats for the analyst in you.

The infamous 2010 Social Gaming Research Report (PDF) by Information Solutions Group here
Vexed Digital has some good stats in a SlideShare presentation here

SnipClip provides another Slideshare presentation on Social Games & Virtual Goods here

RockYou provides another SlideShare presentation concerning monetizing social games here

GamesWithoutFrontiers has an interesting SlideShare presentation called Social Game Design Workshop here

Nokia has an in-depth look at Mobile Games via SlideShare here

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