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Video: Sean Ryan of Facebook

Sean Ryan,  Head of Game Partnerships of Facebook discussed the current state and future of the social gaming ecosystem. This is an excellent overview of the current Facebook social gaming environment.


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Friendster Back in the Game

Former social networking trailblazer Friendster was essentially wiped off the map by MySpace, Facebook and others. Now they have re-organized and are launching as a dedicated social gaming portal. Articles and analysis from:

International Business Times  ” Friendster now describes itself as “a niche social network that is highly engaged and focused for young Asians across the world.”

PCMag  ” The new Friendster uses Facebook Connect as a social-networking platform; users can either sign in via their own Friendster logins or use Facebook Connect. “

TechCrunch  ” The site lets you play a number of casual games (I counted about 20) and invite your Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo contacts to play together. “

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GEEK OUT! Social Games Business Intelligence Panel Parts 5 & 6

An insightful series of videos have recently been uploaded to YouTube from VerticaHP (Hewlett Packard) from a Social Gaming panel this past April in San Francisco.  The videos showcase a blockbuster panel of top social gaming company’s business intelligence gurus. Each discuss their various tools that they utilize to manage the massive amounts of data in real-time.  Note: Vertica was acquired by HP in February of 2011.

Video – Mobile social gaming including a question from Tapulous staff member

Video – Custom reporting and charting, data analysis cubes and more!

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ZYNGA IPO: A Closer Look at The Financials

Zynga’s filing to go public has allowed for a complete view of the company’s business model and various revenue generation channels. Articles and analysis from:

GigaOM ” Zynga completed seven acquisitions in 2010, according to the IPO filing. Together, the purchase prices of all those deals totaled $101.6 million; $35.2 million of that was in stock, and $66.4 million was in cash.  “

The Wall Street Journal ” Though only a small percentage of players make up “nearly all” of Zynga’s revenue, the amount spent on its virtual goods is soaring. Revenue for the first quarter this year jumped 133% to $235.4 million from under $101 million in the year-ago period. “

CNET ” For one, Zynga reported that it has 232 million monthly active users and 60 million daily active users from 166 countries around the world. Every second, 38,000 virtual items are created in its wildly popular worlds. Each day, 2 billion minutes are logged in Zynga’s titles. “

The Wall Street Journal ” Also impressive is that Zynga isn’t paying lots to attract users. Unlike Groupon, for instance, which spends heavily on marketing, Zynga says it “acquires most of its players through unpaid channels.”

The New York Times  ” By far, the founder of Zynga has the largest stake in the company. Mr. Pincus and his related entities own 91,385,846 class B shares — about 16 percent of the pool. He also owns all of the available Class C shares (20,517,472 shares). “


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Social gaming gargantuan Zynga will file their S-1 for a future IPO today and will be looking to raise a whopping $1 Billion. What will the disclosures reveal? With massive revenues being generated by only 3% of their userbase, what will occur if they devise a plan to capture 6%? Articles and analysis from:

The Washington Post – includes excellent video interview with Nitsan Hargil of GreenCrest Capital Management.

All Things Digital – An excellent analysis from Kara Swisher.

The Wall Street Journal ” The SEC’s approval appears to open the door for Zynga to offer RSUs to more employees, directors and consultants in advance of the company’s IPO without regard to the 500-shareholder limit. It also appears to indicate that revealing in its S-1 filing that it had granted more than 500 RSUs would no longer be an issue for the SEC. “

Video – Ari Levy of Bloomberg discusses the precarious relationship with Facebook

Video – Bob Rice, General Managing Partner at Tangent Capital discusses the reasoning behind Zynga’s rush to IPO.

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Unleash your inner DJ with

Music lovers are getting addicted to the new service called on Facebook. Part music service and part social game (complete with avatars, playlists and an awesome/lame measurement meter) could this be the killer app that merges the two industries?  Articles and analysis from:

Technorati In you log in with your Facebook account (in fact, you can also use it in Facebook’s site as a Facebook app). However, the link with that social network ends there: when logged in, you get to choose your nickname and your avatar.

GigaOM  ” The third era of social music is about immersion, as sites like and make online music seem more like off-line social music sharing (remember that?) by adding more immediacy and intimacy to the experience. “

DVICE  ” Each room has five DJ spots that rotate, and the rest of the users populate a crowd that judges each tune, deeming it “lame” or “awesome.” As for picking tunes, there’s a central Turntable list you select from, or you can upload songs yourself if you don’t see what you’re looking for. “

Video – demo by Lifehacker

Learn more about the social network music scene at

UPDATE! SirMixalot tears up the DJ booth! 



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Is FunChat the future of Mobile Social Gaming?

TechCrunch reports that mobile application FunChat “combines text, chat, pranks, virtual goods and social gaming all in one free app”.

With the limited screen space and the simplicity of chat, will games like FunChat get more engagement than traditional social games such as CityVille that are modified for mobile? From the article”

” The key here is that these game rooms are also part chat rooms, so users can boast about their in-game accomplishments, heckle opposing players, challenge their friends to gaming duels, or shower them with praise for shooting a whole raft of ducks — all in realtime. “

Additional analysis from SYS-CON Media  ” According to a recent CTIA study, mobile consumers in North America send over 187 billion text messages per month, and media firm ScreenDigest estimates consumers will spend a staggering $7.8 billion on mobile games by 2014. FunChat is the first mobile app to simultaneously address these two huge markets by combining chatting and texting with social gaming and gameplay mechanics. “

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