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IMVU invades Europe

VentureBeat reports that virtual world and social entertainment company IMVU is entering into the European market. From the article:

” With IMVU, users create their own 3D character, or avatar, and can then meet people, chat, create virtual goods and share them, and play games.”

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IMVU goes Social

Virtual World company IMVU re-brands itself as a “Social Entertainment Company”. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes ” Adding social games is certainly a way to distance IMVU from virtual worlds, which are no longer in vogue with the media. “

MediaPost ” Driven largely by the popularity of gaming on Facebook, meanwhile, the social gaming market has exploded.”

VentureBeat ” You can purchase in-game virtual goods while playing games such as Top Modelz, which is the IMVU-branded version of Viximo’s Photo Market game.”

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Interview with IMVU CEO Cary Rosenzweig

TechCrunch provides a very insightful video interview with IMVU CEO Cary Rosenzweig. Topics discussed include, how pre-paid cards in Target and Wal-Mart helped boost revenues, their desire to leverage Apple and the Facebook platform.

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