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Life Beyond Facebook?

The Business Insider has an article written by Dutch entrepreneur Marc van der Chijis. Marc provides various social gaming platform  alternatives to Facebook that he says developers should at least consider to branch out. From the article:

 ” With 130 million unique visitors per month, they currently present one of the most attractive alternatives to Facebook for many developers—not only because of the size of their audience and the global reach of the platforms, but also because there is a lot less competition. “


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Research firm Parks Associates forecasts social gaming will grow to a whopping $5 Billion per year business by 2015. Read the PA summary here. Additional articles and analysis from:

Marketing Vox ” Advertising innovations such as branded games, sponsored items, communities, and “advertainment” that enhance, rather than interrupt, a gamer’s experience will also generate new sources of revenues for game publishers, Park Associates finds. “

Escapist Magazine ” The biggest factor in the increasing profitability of the social games market, however, is the industry’s ready access to behavioral data, allowing the companies to cater their games towards the most profitable groups. “Zynga’s huge market share is the best proof of the competitive advantage made possible by properly leveraging consumer data,” said the research firm of social games giant Zynga. “ “Gaming on social networks has quickly become the most visible category of online games,” research analyst at Parks Associates Pietro Macchiarella said.

VentureBeat ” Macchiarella said that social game companies have figured out how to improve monetization of users. Most social games are free to play, where users play for free and pay real money in small amounts for virtual goods “

Gamasutra ” The research firm points out that companies are adopting a metrics-based approach to game design, and claims “the most powerful asset of social game developers is the quantity of behavioral data that they can obtain from their games.”

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Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2011

The following are a selection of the articles and reports covering the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

USA Today provides an overview of the social network and mobile games industry with some commentary from GDC 2011 event director Meggan Scavio

ZDNet has an article called “Game makers vs. Gamification – it’s on!”

Gamasutra provides a GDC 2011 hub page

San Francisco Chronice has an article entitled ” Game Developers Conference to See New Players Join

The Official GDC 2011 homepage

InsideSocialGames has GDC: An Insider’s View of CityVille, From Idea to Launch

Marketwatch has a video of Alex St. John discussing Wild Tangent and  Hi5’s strategy regarding developing their social gaming strategy. He also previews the SocioPath gaming platform that allows social games to operate off of Facebook using their unique URL’s with their own landing page. He also discusses the SocioPay monetization engine. Gamezebo provides an interview with Alex St. John here

BusinessWire has a Press Release for Blue Noodle’s unveiling of their new video ad bar called ClickStrip at GDC 2011 provides an interesting article about mobile gaming company ngmoco

Funium announces their funding round of  $1.2 million to enter the social gaming industry with games centered on positive family themes.

Idea Fabrik announces the ” Idea System Social Game Development Platform”.

Gamasutra provides an article where Ralph Koster, VP of Creative Development at Playdom/Disney discusses the opportunities to leverage new gaming mechanics such as elections and rituals in social games.

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Sega gets in the Game

Japanese gaming firm Sega has entered the social gaming industry with “Sega Play! Baseball!” on Facebook. Articles and analysis from: ” When it finally is ready for American audiences it will be one of the first baseball Facebook games released by a major publisher. In March, the company will launch Sega Play! Football on Hi5. “

Total Telecom ” Sega plans to develop the “Sega Play!” brand into a series of games with a global presence, supporting a variety of languages in different regions of the world. “

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Gun Bros gets Social

Glu Mobile brings its popular mobile title Gun Bros to Facebook,  Hi5 and Wild Tangent social gaming platforms.  Press Release by: PRNewswire

” Glu’s move to online responds to the demand from gamers to take their Gun Bros experience to additional social channels, bringing the game to a wider audience and building a bigger army of “Bros.” Players have been hooked by the over-the-top guns, deadly cyborg enemies, humor, and ability to invite their friends (and Bros!) on adrenaline pumping missions. ”

Hillarious Game review and good footage of some guy’s thumb


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Get Social in The Dating Game

The Classic TV game show, ” The Dating Game” is coming to Facebook as a social game. 3G Studios will launch the new game on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and other social networks. If done right….this could be massively popular. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Users create an in-game avatar that can be personalized for body type, hair, eye color and clothing. The contestants engage in various question-and-answer games to learn more about each other’s likes and interests, with identities remaining a mystery. “ the blog ” If you ask us, this better mean real time interaction with other players or The Dating Game on Facebook will likely fail to live up to the original. While we certainly shouldn’t count 3G out too soon, what do you think keeps social games like Wheel of Fortune ticking? ” Has anyone at 3G Studios stopped to think about whether this is a good idea? With already one-in-five relationships originating on an online dating service, do we really want to turn love into more of a commodity?”

UPDATE: interviews 3G Studios CEO James Kosta

The New Dating Game – Are plaid sportcoats the new black?

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Big Numbers

VentureBeat has an excellent research article discussing their findings that gaming companies received over a Billion dollars in funding in 2010. Includes a nice breakdown of all the companies and their investors. From the article:

” But the big trend that continues to drive the investments is the theme of disruption. The traditional game business is being disrupted by the popularity of social games on social networks like Facebook.”

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