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EA Emerges as a Serious Player in Social Games

With the Sims Social, EA has a runaway megahit game and is clearly becoming a dominant force in the industry, second only to Zynga.  Articles and analysis of EA from: ” The company’s social games also include venerable franchises such as Bejeweled’ and Plants vs. Zombies’. Electronic Arts has a total of 72.3 million registered social gaming users across the Internet, which is still a third of market leader Zynga’s 275.4 million users, but EA’s gains have definitely caught the market’s attention. “

Montreal Gazette ” Chief Executive John Riccitiello told Reuters in an interview his company survived a “near-death experience,” three years ago when its profit shrank, game quality was poor and it lacked an Internet presence.

CNBC (includes video) Riccitiello said the Electronic Arts is now “aggressively” closing the gap between it and social gaming company Zynga thanks the release of its new Facebook game “The Sims Social.” He said the game is now number two in the social gaming space.




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Big pop for PopCap

PopCap Games is acquired for $1.3 Billion by Electronic Arts. How will this massive acquisition affect the social games industry?Articles and analysis from:

The Wall Street Journal ” A PopCap executive offered to sell Bejeweled to Microsoft for $35,000 back in 1999.  “

Los Angeles Times  “What made PopCap attractive to EA and others that bid for the company was its ability to sell its games on numerous platforms. “

Forbes ” The social gaming company Zyngaoffered $1 billion in cash to acquirePopCap Games, but was turned down in favor of a more complex and potentially more lucrative offer from Electronic Arts, according to a source close to the deal. “

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Simpsons and Family Guy Online Update provides another social gaming update discussing the upcoming EA release The Simpsons and a new game based on the hilarious TV show Family Guy.

Video – GameCoins Blast 6/20/2011

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PopCap Valuation Popping through the Roof

Is casual game giant turned social game behemoth PopCap getting acquired for $1 Billion?!!!! Rumors and speculation abound. Articles and analysis from:

CNET ” Multiple sources tell TechCrunch that the company is definitely in play. Just one problem–the sources don’t know who the buyer is.”

San Francisco Chronicle  ” Or maybe it’s a big name company who wants to expand into social games — Google was recently hiring for a games product manager and last year bought (much smaller) social gaming company SocialDeck and in-game payments startup Jambool. “

VentureBeat ” PopCap has been adapting to the rapid rise of Facebook games and has 16.3 million monthly active users on the site. PopCap has 4.3 million daily active users, or those who come back once a day, and it ranks No. 3 behind Zynga and Electronic Arts, according to AppData. “

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Coverage of EA Social Games at E3

GameCoins provides a segment of their online video news coverage focusing on social game announcements by EA at the recent E3 game convention in Los Angeles, CA.

Video – GC Blast – Social Gaming News

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VIDEO: Zynga Presentation at ad:tech San Francisco

Zynga’s Manny Anekal breaks down the social gaming giant’s advantages to brand marketers. (slight audio issue near the beginning). Very good stats and breakdown of campaigns for Farmers Insurance, the Green Hornet movie, etc.

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E3 Extravaganza!

E3 becomes the epicenter of the video gaming world for one week every year. While console games tend to dominate the discussion, there is plenty of news regarding social gaming as well.

The Motley Fool has a nice overview of the impact “social” initiatives are having on the traditional gaming industry. From the article:

” A recent private funding arrangement pegged its value as high as $10 billion. That puts Zynga ahead of the $8.1 billion market cap of Electronic Arts, and within sight of industry leader Activision Blizzard’s $13.7 billion market cap. Not bad for a company that didn’t even exist prior to 2007. “ discusses how Xbox announced the introduction of “Beacons” that will provide a social layer to the gaming experience. From the article:

” These Beacons, a variation on inviting friends to games, allow players to broadcast what games they’d like to play to their friends on XBL … and on Facebook.  “

VentureBeat discusses EA’s release of a social version of the blockbuster “Sims” game. From the article:

” If the game, called The Sims Social, is even half as popular as the typical Sims games on the personal computer, it will give popular social games on Facebook a run for their money. “

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