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ESPN Serves Up Sports Bar & Grill

ESPN the Total Sports Network, has rolled out its second social game in partnership with Disney owned Playdom called “Sports Bar & Grill“. This follows on the heels of their first social game called ESPN CollegeTown. Will strong brands like ESPN pull Disney/Playdom closer to Zynga’s massive user base? Articles and analysis from:

MediaBistro ” By earning more, owners can purchase enhancements to their sports bars to level up faster, including expansion, flatscreen TVs, the Samsung Galaxy Tab™ and TVs, posters, signs, arcade games, sports memorabilia, tables, chairs, bar stools and more. “

Mashable  ” Players already familiar with the Facebook-friendly FarmVille-style of casual gaming should feel at home while playing ESPN Sports Bar & Grill — and they can expect the game to require their frequent attention and become more involved with more play. “


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Back to School

ESPN discusses their release of their Social Game called “ESPNU College Town” designed by Playdom.

” College Town will allow others to replicate their college experience, minus the vomit stains on the carpet, the disgusting mystery meat rotting in the fridge and the stale beer odor everywhere.”

BONUS: interviews Senior Developer Jay Arrera.

” One of the things that was pleasantly surprising to us is that most of the players of ESPNU College Town had never played Social City. So, while some of the gaming press have said, ‘Wow, it looks just like Social City,” that’s because Social City was very effective. And now we have an entirely new audience and they’re really enjoying the game mechanics as is.”

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