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Will “Top Girl” top the Mobile Gaming charts?

Social gaming company Crowdstar rolls out a new mobile social game title called “Top Girl“. The game is designed with female gamers in mind and is only available on iOS. Is this a sign of things to come for Crowdstar? For the entire industry? Articles and analysis from: ” While Top Girl is a separate game from It Girl — the two games are largely identical. Start the game by custom-creating an avatar and then take them shopping, dress them and then help them climb a virtual social ladder by taking on modeling jobs and hitting up popular nightspots. “

VentureBeat  ” The game is a free-to-play native iPhone title. Users can download it for free on the iPhone or iPad and then pay real money for virtual goods in the game. The title is not connected to It Girl and so is a new brand that targets women who want to play out a fantasy modeling career.”

Gamasutra (press release) ” Top Girl is a completely new mobile title that targets the female gamer interested in shopping, fashion and modeling themes. The game, which is unconnected to the CrowdStar’s Facebook game It Girl, leverages on the experience and assets CrowdStar built on Facebook. However, the game is not a companion product to CrowdStar’s Facebook game.”


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VIDEO – Gamification with Sebastian Deterding

Google Tech Talks has an excellent presentation by Sebastian Deterding regarding gamification mechanics. From the video discription:

Sebastian Deterding is a user experience designer and game researcher at the University of Hamburg, Germany, where he currently pursues a PhD on the motivational psychology of gameified applications. He speaks and publishes internationally on gamification, social games, and the social contexts of video games at events such as the Gamification Summit, Gamescom, reboot, Playful, or DiGRA. His work has been covered by The Guardian, the LA Times, The New Scientist, EDGE Magazine, and Fast Company’s Co.Design. He co-hosts the Gamification Workshop at this year’s CHI conference in Vancouver. Web: Twitter: @dingstweets

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Are you eXperienced?

Windows Gaming eXperience looks pretty awesome based on the online video on Joystiq. Additional analysis of Windows Gaming eXperience from:

The Escapist ” The importance of Avatars, representing the “style, attitude and character” of each person’s online identity, is a big point of emphasis, as is the ability to easily search for, find and share new games and media across multiple platforms. “

Ubergizmo” Purely conceptual for the time being, Microsoft’s video focuses on four experiences: social, avatars, search and transaction. Social focuses on integrating Facebook games such asFarmVille; avatars concentrate on customizing a user’s cute Xbox Live character with a virtual wardrobe; “

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WeeWorld connects Advertisers to Social Gamers

WeeWorld rolls out the Social Games Advertising Network that will assist developers in reaching the millions of social gamers on Facebook. Articles and analysis from:

MediaPost The SGA Network gives advertisers such as Warner Bros. the ability to reach 20 million more women than comScore’s top five family and parenting Web sites combined — including Disney Online, Cafe Mom Network, Glam Family, Family Education Network and Nick Family & Parents, according to the company. “

Sys-Con Media ” Brand marketers and leading Hollywood studios are starting to recognize the power of immersive social game advertising. SGA Network is already working on many campaigns, the first of which is promoting a major motion picture release hitting theaters on March 11. “

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Get Social in The Dating Game

The Classic TV game show, ” The Dating Game” is coming to Facebook as a social game. 3G Studios will launch the new game on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and other social networks. If done right….this could be massively popular. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Users create an in-game avatar that can be personalized for body type, hair, eye color and clothing. The contestants engage in various question-and-answer games to learn more about each other’s likes and interests, with identities remaining a mystery. “ the blog ” If you ask us, this better mean real time interaction with other players or The Dating Game on Facebook will likely fail to live up to the original. While we certainly shouldn’t count 3G out too soon, what do you think keeps social games like Wheel of Fortune ticking? ” Has anyone at 3G Studios stopped to think about whether this is a good idea? With already one-in-five relationships originating on an online dating service, do we really want to turn love into more of a commodity?”

UPDATE: interviews 3G Studios CEO James Kosta

The New Dating Game – Are plaid sportcoats the new black?

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Get a Kick out of “Social Street Soccer”

PRWeb has an article about a Latin American game development company called BRAINZ. They just rolled out a new synchronous 3 on 3 soccer game on Facebook. The game is in 3D with customizable avatars using players photos. From the Press Release:

” Users can choose facial textures, weight, height, etc., and select from a broad array of virtual features that include urban hair styles and apparel, specific game skills, and even goal celebrations which can be previewed in full 3D.”

Video by BRAINZ


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IMVU invades Europe

VentureBeat reports that virtual world and social entertainment company IMVU is entering into the European market. From the article:

” With IMVU, users create their own 3D character, or avatar, and can then meet people, chat, create virtual goods and share them, and play games.”

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