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Social Games have exploded in the online world by leveraging various social network platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Hi5. Social games are also now gaining traction on mobile platforms such as the iPhone as well. Future integration into traditional video game platforms such as XBox are in development and it seems inevitable that they will eventually invade the world of IPTV. Social gaming is becoming a massive industry overnight.

How has this phenomenon occurred so quickly? To be sure, the rapid rise of social networking and the ability of users to quickly spread games virally to friends is a key component. Also, the  rise of Casual Games and previous experience many users already had allows for casual gamers to easily adapt and migrate to social gaming.

But what exactly is the definition of a social game? Massive Multi-Player games like World of Warcraft are social. So are online Texas Hold Em poker games. In fact, anytime another player is involved in gameplay, the game is effectively social. Nick O’Neil from the blog Social Times defines social games as the following:

“Social games are a structured activity which has contextual rules through which users can engage with one another. Social games must be multiplayer and have one or more of the following features: turn-based, are based on social platforms for providing users with an identity and are casual”.

There are many other definitions emerging for social games and one thing is clear, the industry is evolving and changing rapidly.

Whereas casual games ushered in the idea of playing downloadable  “freemium”  games during lunchtime at work, social games have taken online games to a whole new level by introducing the most important factor into gameplay…real life competitors.

By being able to easily invite and prod your friends into playing a game on a social networking site like Facebook has created an incredible opportunity for developers to leverage the social graph and platform. Companies like Zynga, Playfish and SGN are rushing to capitalize on the explosive growth and monetization potential of social games by releasing titles that absolutely blow away traditional end user enrollment models.

Perhaps more interestingly, the ability to create new types of social games like Foursquare that leverage social networking, mobile and “the real world” are where this industry gets really interesting.  When players can seamlessly migrate from the online world of social networks to the real world by integrating mobile gaming platforms and augmented reality into gameplay is when social gaming gets really exciting. How future social game developers integrate technologies like online photos, video and texting into the mix will push the boundaries as well. The possibilities are endless.

Social Game News is your online resource to track the revolution as the story unfolds.

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  2. Hi, this seems to be the only way to contact Social Game News. You might be interested in looking at the aftermath of Kabam’s decision to close down the popular Myspace social game Green Spot after they bought Wonderhill last month. Please come to http://www.savegreenspot.com and check out the story.

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