Marvelous Team Up: Lolapps meets 6waves

Mid-Tier social gaming companies Lolapps and 6waves team up to become a serious force within the explosive social games industry. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes ” Lolapps has been working with 6waves for the past 18 month and felt that 6waves had a similar focus on analytics and data-oriented design decisions in building games, says Arjun Sethi, CEO of Lolapps. 6waves was also attractive as a global publisher, working with Tencent in China, Mixi in Japan, and Zapak in India. “

Portfolio ” With 35 million monthly active users on Facebook between them, the merger will give the pair the No. 2 spot behind Zynga, which is way ahead with 274 million users. “

TechCrunch ” The combined company will be branded as 6waves Lolapps, but 6Waves and Lolapps will continue to function independently. CEO Rex Ng will become the CEO of the newly merged company, with Lolapps CEO Arjun Sethi reporting to Ng. “

Video – Ravenwood Fair in Nestea Commercial



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