Marvelous Team Up: Zynga meets AT&T

Zynga, the social gaming collossus that’s on the verge of an IPO announces a blockbuster mobile gaming partnership with AT&T to bring various Zynga properties (including Zynga Poker) to a massive mobile audience. Articles and analysis from:

The Wall Street Journal ” Under the deal, popular Zynga games like Words with Friends–a Scrabble-inspired vocabulary game–and Zynga Poker would be featured for download on AT&T’s niche of the Android Market for applications later this year. The agreement would also provide for customized content for online and mobile social games for AT&T customers. “

VentureBeat ” Zynga’s latest social game, Empires and Allies, is another hit for the company. It attracted more players than Farmville, its first breakout hit, in just 25 days. Empires and Allies is gaining new users at a rate of a million a day and 8 million a week, according to AppData. “

Video by FinancialNewsOnline


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