GET HIGH Score on “Weeds Social Club”

The brand invasion continues as Showtime rolls out a new social game for Facebook based on their hit TV show, Weeds. Articles and analysis from:

The Atlantic ” But the game will serve as more than just another way for the Weeds producers to get attention for their show. It could eventually serve as a testing ground for new characters or stories to be incorporated into the actual show, according to Curt Marvis, the president of digital media at Lionsgate, Weeds‘ distributor and producer. ”

Huffington Post  ” In the game, players can visit different locations to buy different kinds of pot, such as “Jamaican Ganja” or “Schwag Weed.” Users plant their purchased seeds, raise the seedlings and harvest a mature crop. Then, users set prices for their pot and send it along to a hoodie-clad dealer to distribute the goods. “

Mashable  ” This isn’t the first social game to based on a TV show to come to Facebook: Gossip Girl launched a game in January, and Starz launched its new series, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, with a social game as well. “

Video – Weeds Trailer


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