Put Em’ On the SaaS

The Social Gaming world welcomed legendary rapper SirMixalot to the insane fray as he and Seattle homiez/development agency Giant Thinkwell rolled out a new trivia game called MixNMatch on Facebook. Articles and analysis from:

AdWeek ” Players are coached by an animated Mix-A-Lot along the way, and score points for each of their correct guesses, which can be redeemed for prizes like exclusive tracks, a personalized video shout-out from the rapper posted to their Facebook wall, or even a chance to ride in a Lamborghini with Mix-A-Lot himself. “

MSNBC   ” Yes, it seems Mix (he of “Baby Got Back” fame) has joined a growing number of celebrities jumping on the Facebook gaming wagon. At the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet was on hand to pitch his forthcoming Facebook game “MargaritaVille.” And Lady Gaga recently teamed up with Zynga to create GagaVille inside the hit game “FarmVille.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer  ” So Giant Thinkwell had some fun promoting “Mix n Match.” They had Sir Mix-A-Lot record shout-out videos to his fans – and to members of the media, such as Rolling Stone and All Things D. That ought to get them some news coverage, don’t you think? “

A classic remastered


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