PopCap Valuation Popping through the Roof

Is casual game giant turned social game behemoth PopCap getting acquired for $1 Billion?!!!! Rumors and speculation abound. Articles and analysis from:

CNET ” Multiple sources tell TechCrunch that the company is definitely in play. Just one problem–the sources don’t know who the buyer is.”

San Francisco Chronicle  ” Or maybe it’s a big name company who wants to expand into social games — Google was recently hiring for a games product manager and last year bought (much smaller) social gaming company SocialDeck and in-game payments startup Jambool. “

VentureBeat ” PopCap has been adapting to the rapid rise of Facebook games and has 16.3 million monthly active users on the site. PopCap has 4.3 million daily active users, or those who come back once a day, and it ranks No. 3 behind Zynga and Electronic Arts, according to AppData. “


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