Will “Top Girl” top the Mobile Gaming charts?

Social gaming company Crowdstar rolls out a new mobile social game title called “Top Girl“. The game is designed with female gamers in mind and is only available on iOS. Is this a sign of things to come for Crowdstar? For the entire industry? Articles and analysis from:

Games.com ” While Top Girl is a separate game from It Girl — the two games are largely identical. Start the game by custom-creating an avatar and then take them shopping, dress them and then help them climb a virtual social ladder by taking on modeling jobs and hitting up popular nightspots. “

VentureBeat  ” The game is a free-to-play native iPhone title. Users can download it for free on the iPhone or iPad and then pay real money for virtual goods in the game. The title is not connected to It Girl and so is a new brand that targets women who want to play out a fantasy modeling career.”

Gamasutra (press release) ” Top Girl is a completely new mobile title that targets the female gamer interested in shopping, fashion and modeling themes. The game, which is unconnected to the CrowdStar’s Facebook game It Girl, leverages on the experience and assets CrowdStar built on Facebook. However, the game is not a companion product to CrowdStar’s Facebook game.”


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