Unleash your inner DJ with Turntable.fm

Music lovers are getting addicted to the new service called Turntable.fm on Facebook. Part music service and part social game (complete with avatars, playlists and an awesome/lame measurement meter) could this be the killer app that merges the two industries?  Articles and analysis from:

Technorati In turntable.fm you log in with your Facebook account (in fact, you can also use it in Facebook’s site as a Facebook app). However, the link with that social network ends there: when logged in, you get to choose your nickname and your avatar.

GigaOM  ” The third era of social music is about immersion, as sites like Turntable.fm and Outloud.fm make online music seem more like off-line social music sharing (remember that?) by adding more immediacy and intimacy to the experience. “

DVICE  ” Each room has five DJ spots that rotate, and the rest of the users populate a crowd that judges each tune, deeming it “lame” or “awesome.” As for picking tunes, there’s a central Turntable list you select from, or you can upload songs yourself if you don’t see what you’re looking for. “

Video – Turntable.fm demo by Lifehacker

Learn more about the social network music scene at SocialNetworkMusic.com

UPDATE! SirMixalot tears up the DJ booth! 




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