Zynga Invades the Mobile Space

Zynga rolls out their new mobile version of CityVille called “CityVille Hometown“. Will Zynga be able to leverage the massive popularity of their social games on Facebook to mobile? Or will their competitors rip them apart like a ferocious school of hungry piranhas? Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat  ” The tough thing about mobile is that it isn’t easy to get a game to spread. On Facebook, you can easily share a new game with friends. But with mobile devices, the distribution happens slowly and it isn’t automatic. Zynga also faces fierce competition from rivals on mobile such as Electronic Arts, Ngmoco, TinyCo and a host of other app makers. “

TechCrunch ” While the strategy and mechanics of the game is similar to its Web cousin, CityVille Hometown focuses on building small towns and villages instead of building a booming metropolis. “

MocoNews  ” As with Zynga’s other mobile games, CityVille Hometown lets users connect with their Facebook friends to play along with them. What’s not clear, though, is whether there will eventually also be a Facebook edition of this game that will let users swap from one platform (PC) to another (mobile or tablet). “


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