Hang Out with Zynga

Social gaming gargantuan Zynga rolls out a new mobile social game called “Hanging With Friends” that is based loosely on the classic hangman word game. The new mobile game is designed for the iOS platform. Articles and analysis from:

Inside Social Games  ” Though modeled on the classic word game Hangman, Hanging With Friends incorporates elements from Scrabble to form a unique puzzle-like gameplay experience. Players choose an animated cartoon-y avatar with various facial expressions that change as game-play progresses. “

 Vator News  ” As with every other Zynga game, social gameplay is encouraged. You can either connect to friends through your With Friends account, Facebook Connect or by searching for a random challenger. And as with Words With Friends, you can play up to 20 games and at any pace. “

AppModo   ” Hanging With Friends is available in Canada today and will soon be available globally as a free or premium download from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.  “


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