E3 Extravaganza!

E3 becomes the epicenter of the video gaming world for one week every year. While console games tend to dominate the discussion, there is plenty of news regarding social gaming as well.

The Motley Fool has a nice overview of the impact “social” initiatives are having on the traditional gaming industry. From the article:

” A recent private funding arrangement pegged its value as high as $10 billion. That puts Zynga ahead of the $8.1 billion market cap of Electronic Arts, and within sight of industry leader Activision Blizzard’s $13.7 billion market cap. Not bad for a company that didn’t even exist prior to 2007. “

Games.com discusses how Xbox announced the introduction of “Beacons” that will provide a social layer to the gaming experience. From the article:

” These Beacons, a variation on inviting friends to games, allow players to broadcast what games they’d like to play to their friends on XBL … and on Facebook.  “

VentureBeat discusses EA’s release of a social version of the blockbuster “Sims” game. From the article:

” If the game, called The Sims Social, is even half as popular as the typical Sims games on the personal computer, it will give popular social games on Facebook a run for their money. “


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