Zynga: Large and in Charge

A report by IHS Screen Digest shows that social gaming powerhouse Zynga has expanded their stranglehold on the market with control of 38% share of the social gaming market. Articles and analysis by:

Games.com ” But Zynga’s power isn’t just it’s money, but what that money allows it to do. When it wants to enter a new market, create a game with a new feature or on a new platform, it just buys companies with an existing presence or expertise there. “

PC Magazine ” IHS also noted that market growth was driven by the networks’ acclimatization to changes in Facebook’s user notification policies, which undermined the cheap viral marketing success of the gaming market. “

TechFlash ” The report said that the global market social networking games was $1.4 billion in 2010, up 116.4 percent from $636 million in 2009. “


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