Funzio and Games

Social and mobile game developer Funzio receives a $20 Million funding round to expand their cross platform empire across Facebook, iOS and Android. Will Crime City muscle in on Mafia Wars turf? Articles and analysis from:

VatorNews  “The company’s claim to fame arose in September 2010 when it developed the hit game Crime City, which to date has over 750,000 daily active users and over seven million monthly users. The game is in the top 30 most popular apps on Facebook and has the highest game rating of any app with more than 600,000 daily active users (4.5/5.0). “

StartupSmart  “Funzio recently secured $20 million in a financing round led by US-based IDG Ventures and China-based IDG Capital Partners. IDG Ventures managing director Phil Sanderson will join the company board. “

TechCrunch ” Crime City will be made available for iOS and Android devices later this year. “

Video – Crime City reviewed by some stoner


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