Can Civ World topple Zynga’s empire?

The wait is almost over. Civilization World is about to launch on Facebook. Is this game a….”game-changer” in the world of social gaming? Articles, previews and analysis from:

Destructoid  ” Firaxis is no stranger to the pursuit of accessibility, having seen encouraging success with the highly streamlined Civilization Revolution in both the console and mobile sectors. In a space filled with click-to-win Facebook games, the need for more engaging fare is palpable. “

VentureBeat  ” The multiplayer aspect comes in when you join an alliance with lots of other players. Your players can help you or team up in battles against rival empires. Each team races to complete an era first. The team that wins a round will get more reward points. As many as 200 people can participate in a game at a time, so you won’t see gigantic empires. “

Inside Social Games  ” This game stands out because of the number of game types it incorporates through mini-games and meta-games, and because of the team nature of gameplay. CivWorld is also unique in that it’s tied to a well-loved video game series with a preexisting fan based that developer Firaxis needs to satisfy before courting new users on Facebook. “

Video – Civilization World is Coming to Facebook


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