Going Gaga

Zynga strikes a deal with pop music mega-star Lady Gaga and will soon be rolling out “GagaVille”. Articles and analysis from:

The New York Times  “The deal underscores the effort by entertainment companies to tap into the enormous popularity of social networks and social games, especially among young consumers. “

MTV  ” Starting on May 17, Lady Gaga will apparently show up as a new neighbor next to your “FarmVille” plot. The Times article states that Gaga’s farm (“GagaVille”) will feature “crystals, unicorns, and leather-clad sheep riding motorcycles.” That sounds fine, but I’m personally holding out hope for the ability to raise cows and turn them into meat dresses. “

Forbes ” Zynga is also putting out special Lady Gaga game gift cards at Best Buy locations in the U.S. and Canada that will include a free download of the new album, a Lady Gaga unicorn in Farmville, and a chance to hang out with the singer at her video shoot. “

Video – Paparazzi by Lady Gaga


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