Papaya Mobile receives $18 Million in second round funding

Mobile social gaming firm Papaya Mobile takes down $18 Million in a second round of funding to provide for expansion into international markets. Articles and analysis from:

GigaOM ” So far, PapayaMobile has more than 350 apps using its platform, with 15 million players registered worldwide, a 375-percent increase since the company opened up its platform to developers in June of last year. “

Forbes  ” Like OpenFeint and ngMoco, PapayaMobile connects players across various games and helps promote games across its network. “

TechCrunch “ The new funding will be used to help expand PapayaMobile’s developer ecosystem in both the U.S. and Europe and to improve serve infrastructure so that the company can scale. Papaya is also looking to expand its platform to the Chinese market. “

Video: Papaya Fish


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