Hackers Delight

The Playstation Network data breach is massive and potentially disastrous if credit card information was hacked. How will this effect people’s perceptions of  social games on Facebook and other networks? Articles concerning the implications of the data breach from:

MSNBC  ” With the PlayStation Network, Sony is already admitting that far richer information has probably been stolen: Name, address, date of birth, email address, online ID and password. It doesn’t take a criminal mind to understand what that means, just connect the dots: known locations of expensive gaming hardware, potential logins to banks or Facebook, personal trivia that could be used for identity verification. ”

Los Angeles Times  ” Sony last week shut down its PlayStation Network service, saying it had been the target of an “intrusion,” but did not release details until Tuesday. “

eWeek  ” Sony has also engaged an “outside, recognized security firm to conduct a full and complete investigation” into what happened. Sony has also reported the breach to a San Diego office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The company has steadfastly refused to provide any details as to what caused the breach. “


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