Marvelous Team Up: DeNA meets DoCoMo

Mobile  social gaming behemoth DeNA has partnered with Japanese phone manufacturer DoCoMo to bring DeNA’s social gaming network to a massive new audience. Articles and analysis from:

Penn Olson ” Docomo’s announcement also explains that the two companies intend to promote Mobage to operators and game developers in overseas markets. It was just last year that DeNA purchased American social gaming developer Ngmoco and announced intentions to launch a global mobile social gaming network in April. “

Gamasutra  ”  For existing DoCoMo users, the company will directly link to the Mobage platform from its i-mode web portal on feature phones (advanced non-smartphones) and its DoCoMo Market portal on smartphones. “

Japan Corporate News (Press Release) ” A dedicated Mobage application will be preinstalled in selected DOCOMO smartphones to be released beginning in the foreseeable future. DOCOMO users will enjoy special benefits when using Mobage, such as early access to sought-after new content and exclusive privileges for selected content, as well as easy direct billing via DOCOMO’s sp-mode(TM) service for smartphones. “


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