GREE Gobbles Up OpenFeint

Japanese social networking firm GREE acquires mobile social gaming network OpenFeint for $104 Million. Articles and analysis from:

San Francisco Chronicle  ” The deal means GREE, which has more than 25 million users, is poised for a major expansion into the U.S. More than 5,000 games, such as Fruit Ninja and Tiny Wings, use OpenFeint, the largest mobile social gaming network with more than 75 million users on Apple and Android devices. “

USA Today  ” This is the second instance of a Japanese company swooping in to acquire a U.S. mobile game firm, notes Dean Takahashi ofVentureBeat. In October 2010, Japan’s DeNA, a rival of Gree, acquired Ngmoco for $403 million. “

VentureBeat ”  Like Ngmoco, OpenFeint operates a social platform for mobile games. By adopting OpenFeint’s development platform, mobile game developers can make their games more social, more discoverable, and easily cross-promoted. OpenFeint provides features such as multiplayer challenges, leaderboards, and cross promotion. “


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