Break out the Big Guns

Gameloft introduces first person shooter game N.O.V.A. Elite to Facebook. Special features allow real-time social gameplay. Articles and analysis from: ” Everything from the game’s particle effects to lighting is a technological feat on Facebook. It’s simply enthralling to launch a rocket into a squad of enemies, watch the plume of fire turn into one of smoke and move on to the next victim. “

Digital Trends  ” Elite is Gameloft’s first step into Facebook’s socially networked world. Late last year, the company launchedGreen Farm, a farming simulation with an eye-catching visual style and a high level of polish. It’s about as far removed as you can get from N.O.V.A., but staying diversified in the increasingly crowded mobile/social game development space is always a good thing. “

PR Newswire (Press Release)

Video – N.O.V.A. Elite Teaser Trailer


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