MindJolt rolls up SGN and Hallpass

Game developer MindJolt has acquired SGN (Social Game Network) and Hallpass. Articles and analysis from:

All Things Digital ” In total, MindJolt is doubling its headcount to 80 employees, and will have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Buenos Aires. “

New York Times ” Hallpass Media, a game portal, will add four million monthly users and about 1,500 Web-based games to MindJolt’s portfolio. Its other purchase, Social Gaming Network, a creator of several popular iPhone and Android games (with 30 million downloads), will give MindJolt an edge in mobile devices. The deals will also push the game portal into the business of creating its own games, making it a closer competitor to larger, hit-driven studios like Zynga. “

VentureBeat ” Each pillar now has substantial scale for advertisers, who could make one purchase of ads across multiple platforms. The deals were funded through money raised from Austin Ventures plus equity in MindJolt and from the profits MindJolt has generated, DeWolfe said. “

TechCrunch ” One area where DeWolfe will be focusing his efforts is partnering with with movie studios and entertainment companies to create branded, game titles on mobile, social and casual platforms. He says that because MindJolt is based in LA, the company has ties with networks and production companies to partner with them to produce and distribute these games. “


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