Turner Broadcasting Europe discovers TeePee Games

London based TeePee Games gets an investment from Turner Broadcasting Europe. Discovery has emerged as the primary hurdle for many new social game companies and  Teepee Games is a social game recommendation engine. Articles and analysis from:

VentureBeat ” Users can discover games across a number of sources including Facebook, Adobe Flash game portals and Android smartphones. Social features — such as rewards and loyalty points — will get consumers coming back to the platform on a daily basis to discover and play new games. TeePee’s goal is to create the equivalent of the Pandora music discovery service for games. “

TechCrunch Europe ” Competitors includes Miniclip, of Mindjolt in Facebook, but – as Pearce points out – none have a discovery engine, merely charts. Analytics are a core component of the startup. It’s discovery engine gives developers realtime social gaming data and analytics. “

Gamasutra ” TeePee’s Geronimo platform offers a single hub where users can locate and store online games across social networks, mobile game stores (e.g. Apple’s App Store, Google Marketplace), and hundreds of thousands of Flash game sites. “

TeePee Games – Overview Trailer


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