Online Games meet Mobile Coupons

Advertising startup Kiip unveils a new service that offers in-game rewards in the form of mobile coupons sent to game players for achieving certain levels within a mobile game. Articles and analysis from:

Wired The system works by popping up a reward, paid for by an advertiser, in a game when a user clears a certain level, a natural pause in the game. To get the reward, a player enters their e-mail address, which is used to send a redemption code to the user, and then the player goes right back to the game. Built on HTML5, the offer system can be used in nearly any gaming platform that’s net-connected. “

Digital Trends Kiip (pronounced like ‘keep’) has partnered with a wide range of brands, like Sephora, Vitamin Water, Dr. Pepper and Carl’s Jr., to offer free stuff in real-life for in-game success. So if, for example, you rack-up a string of three-star scores in Angry Birds, you might get a free milkshake, a 6-pack of soda or a sample mascara. “

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (includes video) ” So, for example, completing a track inside a racing game in record time might unlock a discount for an oil change for your real car. Or finishing the level-three cardio challenge in a fitness game could earn you a free cheeseburger from Carl’s Junior, which one of a few companies with ads on Kiip’s website


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