Free to Play on XBox Live?

IGN drops a bomb and says that XBox may soon adopt the “Free to Play” business model made popular by social games on Facebook and other social network platforms. Is console the new social gaming platform? What types of revenues will Microsoft rake in via FTP? Articles and analysis from:

IGN ” This will allow publishers and developers to release games through the service for free where users can then purchase additional content, such as weapons, experience points, in-game currency, and perks. “

VentureBeat ” Free-to-play games have taken off with online web games and have seen spectacular growth on Facebook. More recently, free-to-play games on the iPhone and Android have taken off. Big game companies such as Electronic Arts have embraced free-to-play games in recent months as rivals such as Nexon and Riot Games grow fast. “ ” It’s not specified at what point in 2012 this functionality will be added to Xbox Live, so it might very well be another year and a half-plus before F2P games start showing up on Live. This could potentially be a big moneymaker by drawing in the younger gamers who look to play games on Xbox for free and then end up spending a bit of money each month. “

Video – Halo: Reach


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