Resistance is Futile

Zynga continues its quest to assimilate the best and brightest gaming developers into its social gaming empire. It’s recent acquisition is Floodgate Entertainment. Articles and analysis from:

TechCrunch ” Zynga has been on an acquisition tear over the past year, building up talent, game studios and creative leads in a number of cities around the world. Of course, with Zynga’s $850 million in revenue (with $400 million in profit), many of these acquisitions are a drop in the bucket. “ ” And considering it consists of veterans from highly regarded PC outfit Looking Glass, that’s the bit that matters. Floodgate worked on big Java and Brew licences such as Nascar and Madden for EA Mobile, as well releasing its own Mo-Pets nurturing game, and various PC titles. “

InsideSocialGames ” Zynga also highlights that this is the tenth acquisition in the past ten months. The company has made small purchases a key part of its business for many years, with many of the acquirees going on to take leading roles on future games. “

Video: Dark Messiah Elements by Ubisoft. Floodgate Entertainment and Arkane Studios


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