Ubisoft expanding it’s Social Gaming side in 2011

France based Ubisoft expands its San Francisco office in order to make a further push on Facebook and social gaming. Articles and analysis from:

All Things Digital ” For now, there’s not a lot of pressure on Ubisoft from Wall Street to make a ton of money in digital. It hasn’t purchased a social-gaming studio for millions of dollars and therefore doesn’t have an urgency to see a return.”

Games.com The third-largest independent videogames publisher hopes to turn this trend into dollars, though its previous efforts haven’t caught on like competitors such as Zynga’s games. And almost inversely, Ubisoft VP of Digital Publishing Chris Early said, “Digital will not kill physical. There will always be support for a certain percent.”

GamerTell ” Ubisoft is trying out something it calls companion gaming. Companion gaming is the practice of taking an existing franchise, and expanding it on different platforms. “

Video – Ubisoft CSI Crime City Trailer


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