Angry Birds flock to Facebook

Rovio’s Angry Birds are set to invade Facebook in the upcoming month. Articles and analysis from:

ZDNet ” The Angry Birds franchise is growing very quickly with millions of downloads across many flavors of the original game. US chat show Conan O’brien recently played a real-life Angry Birds game on his show. “

VentureBeat ” Angry Birds has had well over 75 million downloads since it launched on the iPhone in December, 2009. The paid version of the game dominated the App Store for a year and continues to sell well. Angry Birds is also available on Android, WebOS (Palm), Symbian, Windows, the Mac OS X, and the PlayStation Network. “

Yahoo Tech ” So how will a Facebook-based version of Angry Birds be changed from the mobile version? According to the game’s publisher, Rovio, the Facebook iteration of Angry Birds will give the pigs their moment to shine. “

Video – Angry Birds for the iPhone trailer


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