Rango does Frontierville

Social gaming giant Zynga partners with Paramount to help brand their new movie Rango. Game players will get exposure to a variety of promotions within the Frontierville environment. Articles and analysis from:

All Things Digital ” The placement is being conducted through a partnership between the San Francisco-based social games developer Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. “

The Hollywood Reporter ” For the company, which offers casual games on Facebook and other social networks, it is the latest step on its way to fully establishing itself as a key marketing partner for film, TV and music players. “

AdWeek ” The deal with Paramount marks the second such integration with Zynga; last year the studio used FarmVille to promote the animated comedy Megamind. Rango, which takes place in an Old West-like town, is an obvious fit with FrontierVille. But this campaign is notable for several other reasons. “

InsideSocialGames ” While television or print advertising can get branded content in front of potential customers for a few seconds, social game audiences can be engaged with promotions for minutes or hours. Their large, interconnected audiences are a great way to seed word of mouth. “

Video – Rango Trailer


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