Making Fun of Social Games

News Corp has entered the Social Gaming business by acquiring games publisher Making Fun. Will News Corp become a major player by putting their financial and marketing muscle behind a social games publisher? What types of  game companies will they invest in and eventually acquire? Articles and analysis from:

The Los Angeles Times ” John Welch, general manager of Making Fun, declined to disclose the purchase price but said in an interview, “News Corp. recognized that gaming is very important as a form of media. The future of gaming, as with many other forms of entertainment, is digital.”

Gamasutra ” As opposed to a basic distribution role, Making Fun says it’ll be actively involved in providing financial and technical support for titles well into the live operation stage, helping build concepts into franchises. “

IGN John Welch: “Explosive growth in the social games space has attracted substantial game development talent, raising the costs to effectively compete. Making Fun provides funding and other essential services to enable our partners to focus their energy on making great games.” ” Call it the Zynga Effect: Even old-media companies have seen the stratospheric rise of the category and want in on the action and out of the expensive, declining console-gaming world. “

VentureBeat ” Welch said it was already evident that Zynga was becoming a leader in social games on Facebook and Ngmoco (now owned by Japan’s DeNA) was a leader in iPhone games. So they decided to sell their company to News Corp. in November and battle the competition as the game-publishing arm of the media giant. “


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