Women hooked on Mobile Social Gaming

Research firm Flurry provides a very interesting report about how more women are playing mobile social games than men. Articles and analysis from:

Games.com ” Honestly, no one should be shocked that this is the case. Nor should they be by Flurry’s discovery that, after surveying 60 thousand gamers, 20 percent more men play traditional video games than women. “

CNET ” According to the researchers, the average age of the mobile social gamer is 28, several years younger than the average 34-year-old “traditional gamer.” The company found in its survey of over 60,000 gamers that mobile social gaming is more prominent among people between the ages of 18 to 49. “

The Guardian ” Flurry has also mapped data on US users in its sample group against US Census Bureau data, claiming that the average mobile social gamer earns 50% more than the average American, and is more than twice as likely to have earned a college degree. “

Gamasutra ” Mobile gamers were also slightly more female than the world population as a whole, with 53 percent of the market represented by women. By contrast, the ESA estimates only 40 percent of gamers overall are female. “


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