With the demise of Guitar Hero, industry experts are starting to point to social network gaming on Facebook as the next great frontier for music games. Articles and analysis from:

The Business Insider ” Not an opportunity in social games? Facebook has over 600 million users and has a private market capitalization 5 times greater than Activision’s. Zynga’s market cap is now 150% that of EA even though Zynga is still private. The Apple App store has sold over 1 billion apps. People like those experiences, business models. The iPad and tablets are real competitors to Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP product lines. ”

The Music Network ” Facebook had 500 million users at the end of 2010 with 200 million of them playing social games every month. The most popular title was Farmville, but other music-based games (notably Music Pets, Nightclub City and SongHi) are coming through “

SearchCRM ” Like many companies, Activision, the maker of popular video games like “Call of Duty” and “Guitar Hero,” has begun to experiment with serving its customers via social networks. “

Learn More about how Music is becoming big business on social networks at


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